Super7 Teases Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Rita Repula ULTIMATES Figure

With the simple words “It’s time to conquer Earth” and “Coming Soon”, Super7 has singlehandedly broken the internet with their reveal of the upcoming Rita Repulsa Ultimates figure. And it indeed is the most Ultimate we have seen so far.

There is no doubt about it– this Rita Repulsa (or dare I say Bandora?) has Machiko Soga’s face. After years of statues and Lightning Collection figures that look like some tame combination of Machiko Soga and Carla Parez or are under detailed and don’t look like either of them. I’m telling you– we need to normalize women of color playing villains and normalize all women playing big, over the top campy clown characters.

Off my soapbox, I’m impressed. But it would be no surprise that Super7 would bring the highest quality they could (and that the license holder will allow them). All allowed them they did– the thunder has been broughten. From the face to the clothing to the paint apps and details (hello nails and jewelry), Super7 is giving Power Rangers fans the Rita we have been waiting for.

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