Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger Shodo Super Model Kit P Bandai Release

Reminder these are Mini Pla now called Shodo Super. This set is a P Bandai release in Japan October 1st. No idea if US P Bandai will release this as there is issues now with imports of Super Sentai and Hasbro’s Power Rangers License. You may have to use an importer to get ahold of them like Tokullectibles.

Approximately 30 years since the program aired in 1992 … Six warriors revived in Reiwa! ” Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger ” is finally decided to participate in “SHODO SUPER” !!

Looking back, more than four years have already passed since the release of “Super Minipla Evolutionary Combined Great Beast God,” which was the first product of Super Sentai Robo. I was thinking,  I want to release a Zyuranger that can be lined up with the Great Beast Gods someday …!”

Depending on the reaction, in addition to Juranger, there is also an ambition to develop SHODO SUPER three-dimensional works that have been commercialized in the past Super Mini Plastic, so please support us!

This SHODO SUPER Zyuranger will also be a three-dimensional set with a wealth of optional parts such as weapons and replacement wrists, so please look forward to it!

Yamato Tribe Prince Geki

A figure holding a special weapon, a dragon attack sword. The head is reproduced by painting every detail, such as the eyes and teeth. The buckle part uses a seal to reproduce the details.

Sharma Tribe Knight Goushi

The large-scale exclusive weapon, Mos Breaker, also comes with a form transformed into a ray cannon, Mos Cannon.

TriEtoffe Tribe Knight Dan

Dan, who specializes in quick attacks, can equip a set of two special weapon

Dime Tribe Knight Boi

A tiger ranger that transforms the youngest boy. Two special weapons and saber daggers are included.

Lithia Tribe Princess Mei

The Ptera Ranger is three-dimensionalized with a female-only body, and the difference in body size with males is also reproduced. The size of the special weapon, Ptera Arrow, complements the feminine and delicate proportions.

Yamato Tribe Knight Burai

Naturally, the lineup of the first regular additional warriors in the Super Sentai series!
The details of the special weapon, the Beast Sword, have been faithfully reproduced with stickers.

Available – Pre Order P Bandai Oct 1st Deliver March 2022

Retail – 9,900 Yen


P Bandai Japan Link

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