Raw10 Second Wave Pre Orders

I am a big fan of the Raw10 line. These are toys for the sake of damn good toys. They are nice to look at and play with. Lots of fun for collectors and kids they are no frills, straight up and down toys. I am so glad to see more coming out– I for one can’t wait.

Raw 10 – Large Set B Hoof Action Figure

HOOF was one of the first attempts from the RAW (Robotic Animal Weapon) Labs to combine pure animalistic power with advanced cybernetic enhancements. The outcome created a near-uncontrollable beast! With unmatched savageness, HOOF stalks the open plains in search of a worthy opponent. He has yet to find one.

  • Attacks- Seismic Stomp, Rampage Charge, Ram-Jam Horn Attack 
  • Move Hoof’s arms, legs and head
  • Figure comes with a mini comic poster 
  • Collect all additional RAW10 figures
  • Children ages 6+

Available – November 2021

Retail – $19.87

Walmart Link

Raw10 – Large Set Wide – Terror -Don Action Figure

Using unknown DNA scavenged from a mysterious forgotten island, TERROR-DON was cloned in a Thermal-Incubation Chamber. He was then outfitted with the latest cutting-edge Combat Enhancements including his laser forged Hatchet-Tail. He was raised on a diet of raw meat and VR Combat simulations. Whether on the ground or in the air, TERROR-DON is the Ultimate Predator.

  • Attacks- Tornado Tail Slash, Wing Drill, Lock-Jaw Bite Attack
  • Moving head, neck, legs and wings
  • Hatchet-Tail can move for dynamic posing 
  • Figure comes with a mini comic poster 
  • Collect all additional RAW10 figures
  • Recommended for children ages 6+

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