Funko Reveals Cartoon Classics Pop! Vinyl Figure Lineup

“Cartoon Cartoons!”

I can look at these characters and feel the magnificence that was the late 90s. I am so awestruck that Funko got the license for these great Cartoon Network characters (and more!) I have to smirk a bit that Peppa Pig is being released in this Cartoon Classics lineup– sure, she may feel like a new IP to many of us out there with kids, but she’s been around since 2005. That pig isn’t so fresh anymore.

I personally preordered Dexter without hesitation. I do not own any Dexter’s lab toys and Funko did something brilliant with him– his proportions are dead on for the character and he has eyes! In my book, that makes for a literal representation of a toy character and not a stylized interpretation. He will hang out with me on my desk while we hatch evil schemes or something.

You can check out the entire wave of Funko’s Cartoon Classics Pop! vinyl figures on BigBadToyStore or over on Entertainment Earth. Truthfully, check out both in case one site sold out of something. It may be hanging out on the other. Each 3.75 inch toy costs $10.99 and these are shipping in December 2021. Don’t miss out!

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