MegaForce 40th Anniversary! TAC-COM Model Kit

To say I am a MegaForce fan is an understatement. Remember the old Megaforce ad in the back of comic books I own that original art from William Stout. The logo of Toy Wizards is the font family of the MegaForce logo. To see something get made from this 80s gem is amazing. Much less a model kit of concept tank carrier is beyond my understanding of time and space. The fact we will get something anything from MegaForce is great. To get a model kit I am just out of words and tossing my money at the screen as we speak. I am even in fact watching the movie while I write this just to be in the right inspiring headspace. Man am I excited and it’s an amazing time to be alive.

Please note that this model kit is based off the movie poster and promo materials not the movie where the Tac-Com was much smaller than originally devised. How Can you buy it? Glad you asked, we got the Hobby Link Japan pre order info down below. I already got my two.

From Scotts Personal Collection Orginal art William Stout 1982

Mega Force 40th Anniversary! Deeds Not Words

From the 1982 sci-fi action film “Mega Force” comes the very first plastic model kit of the TAC-COM! The TAC-COM has been faithfully recreated base on its appearance in publicity illustrations during the film’s theater run in Japan. The model stands at 230mm in length, 125mm in width and 120mm in height.

The model is primarily made from PS plastic. The tires are made from rubber and the windshield has been made with translucent parts. The driver seats of the vehicle have been recreated in model form as well. 8 miniature figures are included to display in the driver seats. One Mega Destroyer and 4 Mega fighters are included as well with miniature figures included to display on the Mega fighters. Wing parts for the Mega fighters are also included.

As a feature specific to this model kit, the Mega Destroyer and Mega fighters can be stored in the TAC-COM vehicle. Water-slide decals for recreating the various markings of the TAC-COM are also included. This product requires adhesive for assembly. Please purchase adhesive separately.

Available – April, 2022

Retail – ¥9,800  – $84.16 USD


Pre Order Link HLJ

Need the Movie its here on Amazon Prime

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