Super7’s Pennywise the Clown 1990 ReAction Figures are Available Now

Are you ready for the Dead Lights? Then grab your inhaler, you slime– because you’re going to float with Super7’s amazing new IT 1990 (aka, Tim Curry Pennywise) ReAction figures. With the simple words of “It all floats down here this fall” Super7 has unveiled two really nice looking Pennywises (that’s a plural noun, right?) which makes me super excited. I love IT, both the original 1990s mini series and the newer theatrical releases (although part two was eyerolling, but we can discuss that later).

Don’t miss your chance to own The Eater of Worlds and of children, because YOU ARE NEXT!

Time to float!

Super7 pays tribute to this icon of horror with two new ReAction figures: Pennywise the Clown and Pennywise the Monster from the original 1990 television miniseries!

You may not want to display them in a place where they can watch you sleep, or around children, or… well… we can’t really think of a place where it won’t be at least a little bit creepy.

Check out the Super7 Horror Collection HERE!

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