Marvel MAFEX No.165 Iron Man Comic Version With Proton Cannon

Based on his appearance from the classic Marvel comics, Iron Man makes his return to the MAFEX figure line! He wears his original yellow and red color scheme and features blast effects, his jet skates, the Proton Cannon, and an alternate unhelmeted Tony Stark head.

It is hard t justify this figure when the Marvel Legends is just sitting out there for $20 bucks. The Proton Cannon, best known for its appearance on Marvel VS Capcom series games is the big kicker. Unless the roller skate feet are your thing he no judging here. The MAFEX figures are superior in movement and style not to mention the head sculpt is on spot. If you are already a MAFEX collector this is great if its your first time sticker shock just might blow you away.

Marvel MAFEX No.165 Iron Man (Comic Ver.)

  • 6.3 inches (16cm)
  • Made of ABS and PVC
  • Based on the original Marvel comics
  • Part of the MAFEX figure line
  • Comic book version
  • Iron Man figure
  • Unhelmeted head
  • 2 Alternate helmet faces
  • 4 Blast effects
  • Pair of jet skates
  • Proton Cannon
  • Figure stand

Available – June 2022

Retail –$144.99


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