BANDAI Warhammer 40K Ultramarines Captain Action Figure

Bandai’s fifth figure in the line. This Ultramarine Captain is a very nice looking figure. Massive and detailed. Forgive the prototype photos, these are build lines, not production. They are made to order and those orders close August 31st. The price is high on these and as they are worth the detail and price. McFarlane toys has made $20.00 Space Marines a normal thing. You can buy 12 normal troopers to this one captain. That is something to think about and the fact that they would charge $40.00 for the miniature of this the price swings back in the toy factor. I am a sucker for the line and will buy one. That said I will really need a Space Wolf soon to keep me dishing out the money for them.

Warhammer 40K Space Marine by Bandai Toy Review

McFarlane Toys Warhammer 40k Space Marine Primaris Assault Intercessor Toy Review

The Adeptus Astartes, commonly known as Space Marines, are both the sword and shield of the Imperium. Genetically engineered transhumans, each Astartes is worth more than a hundred men on the battlefield. Of all Space Marine Chapters, the Ultramarines are the most well versed in the battlefield doctrines laid out in the Codex Astartes, each a consummate tactician in his own right. To be a Captain of such mighty beings is to stride into battle wreathed in the mightiest of armour, wielding powerful weapons, and to command the galaxy’s greatest warriors with assuredness, precision, and ferocity.

The distinctive armour and weaponry of the Space Marines have been explored in the form of miniatures for longer than Warhammer 40,000 has existed. Our partners at Bandai have captured this iconic look at an incredible level of detail, deftly honouring every aspect of the design that makes the Adeptus Astartes instantly recognisable. This incredible figure will be the pride of your collection, displayed prominently on your shelf to amaze and inspire you for years to come.

This wonderfully detailed figure represents an Ultramarines Primaris Captain, wielding a mighty bolt storm gauntlet and power sword. He wears the Gravis variant of Mark X armour.

The action figure comes with a detachable backpack and two right hands – one formed into a fist for heroic poses and one gripping hand for holding the power sword.

Standing over 8″ tall and fully articulated, you can pose this model however you want – running, fighting, or stoically surveying the battlefield. Comprised of both painted plastic and diecast metal, this is the highest quality Space Marine figure available.

Made to Order
This Ultramarines action figure is available via Made to Order until 10am on Tuesday 31st August 2021. Order yours today to avoid missing out!

  • An 8″ tall Space Marine action figure with over 50 points of articulation
  • Represents an Ultramarines Gravis Captain in incredible detail
  • Looks great standing guard over your painting desk
  • Available to order until 10am on Tuesday 31st August 2021

Available – 2022

Retail – $240.00

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