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For the first time ever, Godzilla – from the 1970s animated series –
gets its own official collectible.
Austin, TX — August 13, 2021 — Godzilla has had many looks through the years. At this point, we anticipate a new costume or aesthetic with each new appearance. With this in mind, we are commemorating The King of Monsters’ designs, through his decades-long reign, with Mondo’s latest collectible line: GODZILLA MUSEUM.

The GODZILLA MUSEUM line of small-scale collectible statues will celebrate all iterations of Godzilla’s history, from the most iconic looks to new artist interpretations. Each set of limited edition statues will be released in groups of three, each representing a variation of Godzilla lore.

These roto vinyl/PVC statues will come with a museum-style base and plaque, allowing you to display the figures on or off the base. Ideally sized at 7.5″ tall (8.25″ when on its base), these statues can fit on any display case, big or small.

But there is one Godzilla design that has never been officially released ever … until now, that is. What better way to kick off Series 1 of GODZILLA MUSEUM then with the first official release of a collectible based on the killer ’70s cartoon.

We knew immediately that, if we wanted to prove our bonafides with GODZILLA MUSEUM, this had to be a starting point. It’s the missing piece in so many collections. We took out all of the stops to evoke the look and feel, with the full cel-like line art and paint application of the ’70s cartoon.

The GODZILLA MUSEUM: Godzilla – The Animated Series (1970s) small-scale statue will be available for pre-order at on August 17th, 2021

GODZILLA MUSEUM: Godzilla – The Animated Series (1970s) Statue
Limited Edition
Price: $120
Material: Roto Vinyl, PVC
Height: 7.5 inches, 8.25 inches with the base.
Artists: Sculpt by Tufan Sezer. Design and Paint by Hector Arce

In addition to Godzilla – The Animated Series (1970s) , the first wave of GODZILLA MUSEUM will include statues of Gojira (1954) and a rendering by artist Attack Peter. Follow Mondo on social media to find out when these next two statues in the first wave of the GODZILLA MUSEUM line will be released!

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