Strike Force Alpha Figures are Available for Preorder from BigBadToyStore

Missed the Kickstarter? More comfortable buying direct from an online retailer? Then check out what we have happening here! From Scorched Earth Initiative comes the Strike Force Alpha Action Figures! These figures have been carefully created using a ball and socket design for their joints, which retains all the movement of classic O-ring figures without the possibility of breakage. Additionally, all figures include a Pop “N” Swap design which allows you swap out parts and customize your figures without the use of any tools!

Check out the entire lineup of available figures right now at BigBadToyStore– each figure costs $24.99 a piece and are sold seperately. According to a quote directly from Scorched Earth, future waves will cost less because now they have the molds created and ready to go. Click below to see Toy Wizards review of the Strike Force Alpha toy line!

Product Features

  • 1/18 Scale
  • Pop “N” Swap design allowing you to swap out parts on other Stike Force Alpha figures allowing for easy customization without any tools
  • Joints use a ball and socket design which retains all the movement of the classic O-ring, without the possibility of breakage
  • Created by Scorched Earth Initiative

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