Youtooz Reveals The God of High Anime Collection

This month Youtooz is dropping its first ever anime collection with South Korean manhwa The God of High School. Grab the entire limited edition collection – Jin Mori, Han Daewi, and Yoo Mira – before they sell out!

  • Jin Mori – Jin Mori stands 4.7 inches tall, throwing one fist in the air. He wears a white t-shirt, a sweater tied around his waist, blue pants and detailed red high top boots. His iconic green glasses stay glued above his eyes, covering the front part of his hair. His double-walled window box is inspired by a blue dragon with bright red eyes floating around the panels.
  • Han Daewi – Han Daewi joins the Youtooz anime collection with the release of his inaugural figure. He stands 4.5 inches tall, wearing his usual loose fitted white button up shirt, black pants, brown shoes and wristband. Next to him is blue energy floating up to the sky. His double-walled window box was inspired by broad brush strokes from the anime’s art style.
  • Yoo Mira – The cute Yoo Mira joins the Youtooz universe holding her moonlight sword with two hands. She wears her green dress, white collared shirt with an orange bow, and bears a smile with rosy cheeks. Her big glasses complete the look of this collectible. The double-walled window box is illustrated using golden colors and gold leaves.

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