Big Potato Games Announces ‘What’s Next?’, a role playing board game with physical challenges

Official product description via Big Potato Games:

The world’s first action-adventure board game from Big Potato is called called What Next? and its taking the board game world by storm! This is the first time a choose-your-own adventure game has ever included physical challenges! This cooperative game takes the increasingly popular tabletop role-playing genre and makes it accessible for anyone to play, whether they’re new to or familiar with RPGs. Each adventure is packed with different events, challenges, and rewards, compelling players to go back and explore again and again.

Working together with the rest of the players, your goal is to navigate your way through the adventure, conquer any obstacle you encounter and make it to the end in one piece. However, this game isn’t just about picking the right path. Each adventure has over 60 different physical dexterity challenges, designed to stop you in your tracks and make everything a little more… perilous. To reach the finish line and win the game, you’ll need to master every challenge you come across.

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