Pixar’s Luca Toys and Household Goods are at Entertainment Earth

Some people, they’ll never accept him. But some will– and he seems to know how to find the good ones.

What’s wrong with you, Stupido?!

Silenzio, Bruno!

You got me off the Island, Luca. I’m going to be okay!

Take me, gravity!

Can you tell I love this movie? It speaks to me on all the levels, as an adult watching the beautiful artistry and heart warming coming of age (literal fish out of water) tale, and takes me back to my youth when I was a “monster” who society wanted to erase and my mom wanted to send me “to the deep”. But from the figurative to the metaphorical to the literal, we can all get something something out of Pixar’s newest masterpiece.

Check out the Funko Pop! stock available on Entertainment Earth today and get more Luca in your life! And if you haven’t watched it yet, Luca is streaming right now on Disney+! These Pop! vinyl figures stand 3.75 inches tall, cost $10.99, and are shipping August 2021.

Luca Paguro Pop! Vinyl Figure

Luca Paguro (Land) Pop! Vinyl Figure

Luca Alberto Scorfano Pop! Vinyl Figure

Luca Alberto Scorfano (Land) Pop! Vinyl Figure

Luca Giulia Marcovaldo Pop! Vinyl Figure

To check out EE’s entire LUCA stock, including totes and picnic items, click here.

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