Green Day Funko Pops! will Indeed Welcome You to Paradise

Dude…wow. Green Day Funko Pop! vinyl figures. I never could have imagined this when I was a kid. Green Day was one of the first bands I seriously immersed into, not the endless number of soundtracks and Michael Jackson albums I listened to. Honestly, I still remember seeing the “Longview” music video when I was like…what…seven or eight and thinking “This is so crude and bizarre…but wow, that guy is kind of pretty.”

It still amazes me that it’s the 2004 American Idiot aesthetic that is being leaned into here. Yes, that was a smash hit album…but dude– I loved their Dookie look! We can skip the Insomniac look– no one loves meth fueled addictions. From 39 Smooth through Nimrod, I was the biggest Green Day fan. After that, I think anime and New Wave music gripped me, but I will always remember Green Day making my days happier, as their sound blasted through my sponge covered Sony earphones and I could barely understand any of Billie Joe’s lyrics.

These Pop! vinyl figures all stand 3.75 inches, cost $10.99 each, and ship August 2021.

Green Day Billie Joe Armstrong Pop! Vinyl Figure – $10.99 – August 2021

Green Day Mike Dirnt Pop! Vinyl Figure – $10.99 – August 2021

Green Day Tre Cool Pop! Vinyl Figure – $10.99 – August 2021

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