McFarlane Toys Reveals In-Package Images of Avatar: The Last Airbender Action Figure Line

It’s really a funny thing with McFarlane Toys– the toy giant sincerely manages to keep their new creations under wraps until it’s go-time. Unlike with other toy companies where leaks happen all the time (to the point if you wonder if they even care about their own secrecy or embargo), McFarlane Toys only reveals its creations when it is ready for stores like, tomorrow. There is typically not a hefty preorder window nor do they reveal something so far in advance that you forget about it, and then once you remember it, it turns out the thing had already come through the stores and its now over. No– once McFarlane Toys are revealed, you know you will be able to get your hands on it soon. Which is exactly what is happening with the (immensely exciting) Avatar: The Last Airbender action figure line.

I am so excited to have these in hand. The colors and the fabric folds on the clothing and the facial expressions are simply breathtaking. These figures are not in the typical 7 inch collectors’ scale either– they are smaller, maybe five or six inches. And gauging by the card art and recommended age on the card, these are suitable as toys for children or collectors’ items. I am curious to see what the price point designates. I predict $15.99 for the character figures and $24.99 for Appa, much like the MOTU Origins line.

Enjoy the images below of this gorgeous new set in-packaging! Are you excited for a new crazy-faced Aang or what?!

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