Toy Wizards Speculate: Will Jada Toys Start Making Six Inch Power Rangers Action Figures?

Editor’s Note: This is a speculative piece. We are not making up any rumors that Jada Toys are in the running to make fully articulated six inch action figures. We are speculating based on a few facts and including a “What If” Wish List. You have not been baited to click– we are having a discussion. Thank you for your time and readership.

The other day I was hanging out, staring at my Power Rangers toy collection with a small warm smirk of satisfaction spread across my face. You know, the sort of content smile you display when you’re watching someone you love do something you find just so endlessly endearing. Only with me, it was a shelf full of robots and Rangers and plastic. And it was in this moment of shining bliss that a thought… just one… found its way into my mind. And that is…

What if Jada Toys started making brand new fully articulated Power Rangers action figures?

Hear me out! Let’s begin this piece by looking at two facts.

Fact #1: Jada Toys has the Power Rangers license.

Fact #2: Jada Toys is entering the articulated made from plastic traditional looking action figure market, kicking off with Universal Monsters. These pieces will go for $24.99, about the same price as a Power Rangers Lightning Collection figure.

These are both very important things to note. Now, can this entire speculation be squashed if it came out that Hasbro is not allowing any other company to make six inch traditional looking action figures? Well, sure– but as of this writing that is not the information we have, so let’s carry on. To be honest, it was somewhat of a surprise (to me) when word got out that Hasbro was allowing Super7 to create Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Ultimates (we got our first look at Goldar over the weekend) but when you think about it from a High-Collectors point of view, it makes sense. At 50+ dollars, Super7 isn’t creating a Toy Action Figure, but a collectors piece.

So, bearing this in mind, would Hasbro allow Jada Toys, masters of die-cast figures and car replicas up until this point, to create Power Rangers action figures in their own six inch scale if Jada Toys was interested in this prospect? My answer is– why the heck not?

Hasbro has been fairly generous with the Power Rangers license up until this point. And while the Lightning Collection is plentiful and new Rangers have been announced regularly up to this writing, there are still aspects that they are consistently missing.

Like villains. And monsters of the day. And side characters. And…oh, I don’t know—MEGAZORDS!

Dear Hasbro: Take the Transformers R.E.D model and apply it to Megazords! What is happening here?! Hugs and kisses– Me.

Okay– so in our imaginary speculative piece here, Jada Toys is raring up to make Power Rangers action figures. If that was the case, what would we most want them to create and announce in their flagship waves? Below are my respectful requests, please and thank you. If Jada Toys wanted to make these highly desired Power Rangers items that need some love, they’d be the most popular kids on the playground.

POWER UP! Which pieces would you want to see in action figure form from Jada Toys?

Bulk and Skull: Give us the heroes we’ve been waiting for!

Bulk and Spike: Because no one else ever will.

Ivan Ooze and Movie Goldar two-pack: Because this Movie Goldar was better than the 2017 Movie Goldar.

Lost Galaxy Megazord: Because there is life outside of MMPR.

Power Rangers In Space Astro Megazord: Because it’s just so pretty.

Rito Revolto: If Hasbro is finally doing a Scorpina figure, we have to keep the whole family together.

Current actual for-reals Power Rangers items in Jada Toys’ inventory. I will tell you first hand that those Nano Metal Figs are some of the greatest things in my collection with some seriously deep dive characters.

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