Warlords of Wor Wave 13 Power Tribes

This Friday, Power Tribes begins! ManOrMonster? Studios returns with Warlords of Wor: Wave 13, on Friday, June 18.

This new release is Part 1 of a four part crossover event, titled Power Tribes, that combines the talent of four creative teams currently working in the world of Glyos action figures. ManOrMonster? Studios has yet to say who the other three companies are, but promises all will be revealed soon. In the meantime, they have released a cross-sell teaser image featuring some familiar, Super Powered silhouettes, as well as photos of their first two releases, the Technodemon and Nuclear Man. Be sure to follow @warlordsofwor on Instagram for more reveals leading up to Friday evening’s sale, and get ready to Power Up! with ManOrMonster? Studios and the Warlords of Wor! Warlords of Wor:

Wave 13 goes on sale at 9pm EDT/6pm PDT, 6/18/21,

manormonsterstudios.limitedrun.com. Don’t be late!

Witness the atomic might of NUCLEAR MAN!


Collect them all

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