Threezero Reveals “Totally Not Deadpool” G.I. Joe Red Snake Eyes Figure

I know, I know– you’re going to be hearing the ever-so-original “HAHAHA this red Snake Eyes looks like Deadpool” joke all day long while this new piece of news is in fact the hot new piece of news, but I didn’t think it was in good taste to make my preferred joke, which is the used/bloody tampon joke.

::morphs into Nigel Ng:: “Sorry, children” ::coy grin::

So! What do we have here?

Threezero has revealed a 1/6 scale collectible figure Snake Eyes. According to Jay Cochran at Toy News International, the site that got the first look at this figure, “this variant Snake-Eyes will have 50 pieces released through the Threezero Tmall 618 Shopping Festival starting on June 18th at 10:00AM (HKT)”.

Alas, why did Snake Eyes get the bloody drip red treatment? For those not in the know, the design of this piece is based on the 2020 IDW comic book series G.I. Joe: Deadgame. The art was done by comic book artist Rob Liefeld, who many know from his work at Marvel– he is most famous as the creator of Deadpool. Clearly, dude likes red characters.

It makes you wonder whether or not Hasbro will follow suit and create some G.I. Joe Classified Series figures with the IDW G.I. Joe: Deadgame red repaint somewhere down the line.

At this time, it is unclear whether or not any other sites will offer this toy, hence it is not available to preorder at Hasbro Pulse or BigBadToyStore. Toy Wizards will continue to update customers with information as it becomes available.

Source: Toy News International

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  1. According to threezero’s Facebook post announcing this last night, this figure will be limited to 1,500 worldwide with only 50 being available at that show. So it will find its way to sites soon but won’t last long.

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