Super7 X G.I. Joe: What Can Fans Expect?

Super7, located in not so sunny San Francisco, is headquarters for some of the most fan driven toys on the market. They make the toys we always wanted. The ideal behind making cools stuff shows in the many directions of Super7’s IP and creative use of licenses. Super7 is stepping from fringe toys lines into direct mainstream more and more. No year more so than the many reveals we are getting in 2021.

From the ‘yet to be seen Godzilla’, out now Power Rangers, and the just released Silverhawks, we now have on the horizon another great fun filled license– G.I. Joe. G.I .Joe has been on the forefront of demand with Hasbro’s Classified line. Stock has not been meeting demand causing lots of headaches for collectors and any poor stock person that happens to be too close to the toy section in any Target store.

Super7 makes several types of toys for their lines. Lets go over them real quick. Already seen is the Super Cyborg. These are almost a foot tall with see through insides. Ultimate’s Line these give us 7 inch fully articulated action figures with multiple accessories. These are the cream of the crop for deluxe collector toys in both style and play ability. ReAction line classic late 70s early 80s style and five points of articulation. Think old Star Wars or Fisher Price Adventure People. Nostalgia hit right on the head.

Super Cyborg

We already have Super Cyborg B.A.T.S. This is very easy to see. I would think an Inferno B.A.T. at some point.


Leaked Target listings from Toynewsi showed us upcoming figures in the ReAction line.

  • RAH Snake Eyes
  • Cobra Trooper with 4 color versions
  • Greenshirts with three color version
  • Kwinn
  • Cobra Commander
  • Destro
  • Scarlett
  • Baroness
  • Wave 2
  • Snake Eyes Comic version 1
  • Cobra Commander

This gives us a lot to look forward to and easier ordering. Now some people will be angry at the costs. Each ReAction figure is $17.99 and classified figures are now $22.99 each. This is the big difference from a smaller toy company and mega toy empire corporation buying powers. We wont see what they have until July 15th.


This is the premier toy line of Super7 the crown jewel. 7 inch fully articulated figures with multiple accessories and top quality packaging. The really good part about these figures is that they will fit right in with your existing Super7 Ultimates toy lines. Masters of the Universe, Thundercats, Silverhawks, and TMNT. With those toys lines I would hope to see Sunbow G.I.Joe Ultimates.

We get these figures in waves of four at a time with a 30 day pre-order period. Then they are made to order. None of that Target back room deals or complaints about scalpers buying all the stock. They are made to order. You want two or 20 you order them. That’s the magic of the Super7 made to order model. You make the run by how many are ordered. The biggest compliant has been not being able to buy Joes. You will have your chance. The bad– this quality is costly. Ultimates run $50 a pop you get every penny’s worth and looking at what people regularly pay more than $50 bucks a pop to get the Joe they need. Being guaranteed a toy a head of time means no travel to 20 stores. Or having to stock other toy lines in hope to trade for what you want. This is a win win for collectors. We still have some time before July until then, Yo Joe!

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