The Great Jakks Big Figs Power Rangers Megazord We Will Never Get

Jakks Pacific was the maker for all of the giant Big Figs you would see at Toys R Us back in the day. I say would see, because only Toys R Us could afford the display space for these giant figures. With the demise of TRU Jakks lost its main buying partner for this line. This hurt the company greatly and like all things, when you lose your money maker you got to make cuts. Jakks keep trying to sell its giant over sized figures to Target and Walmart. We got Giant TMNT Turtles and From Star Wars Stormtroopers and Vader. However the sales where nothing compared to the multitude of of Toys R Us stores stocking year round aisles of giant figures. This made Jakks cut the line and we would get no more of these giant action figures.

Jakks cut the Big Figs line

This meant we never got the last Turtles we needed to make a set. I have a double on one so there is four. But most importantly, we never got the Big Figs Massive Mighty Morphin Megazord. This was planned at 31 inches tall like all of these figures they are only 5 points of articulation but unlimited fun. This would have been the biggest Megazord ever made for mass production. Not the biggest Meagzord you can buy. In Japan they do make limited runs of store display 5 foot tall Megazords.

I have one– in fact, you can see it at Power Morphicon in 2022.

The missing 31 inch Power Rangers Dino Charge Blue Ranger

The last 31 inch Power Ranger figure by Jakks was the Dino Charge Red Ranger. This figure premiered at Power Morphicon in 2016. However the accompanying Big Fig Blue Dino Charge Ranger never got made nor did the 31 inch Mighty Morphin Red Ranger also planned prototyped painted and scrapped.

Bandai’s lost Jumbo Megazord

Lets also talk about the Jumbo Megazord. Bandai America was also in the giant Megazord ring. Tsuyoshi Nonaka the original creator of the Daizyujin / Megazord did make a concept transforming giant Megazord shown off at San Diego Comic Con. However the costs involved for Bandai to make this compared to how cheap Jakks Pacific could also make giant figures and recently getting a license from Saban to make Large Power Rangers toys Bandai scrapped the concept and this Megazord was also lost to time never to be made as well. It only made the one appearance at SDCC 2013.

Big Figs Massive Power Rangers Classic 31″ Megazord

The Megazord is the combination of the five Dinozords: Tyrannosaurus, Pterodactyl, Mastodon, Triceratops and Sabertooth Tiger. This is the first Megazord to be featured in Power Rangers. Get your 31-inch Megazord now and start protecting the world!

  • Combination of 5 Dinozords
  • 6 points of articulation
  • Features all of the detail of the original Megazord
  • Made of plastic

Retail was Going to be $49.99

Walmart Listing

Power Rangers Jakks Big Figs Massive Dino Charge Action Figure, Red, 31″

  • JAKKS BIG FIGS Power Rangers feature 7 points of articulation
  • Measure 31″ tall!
  • Perfect for any kid or collector!
  • For ages 3 and up

Amazon Listing

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