Kaiyodo Reveals Revoltech RevoGeo Prosopocoilus giraffa: aka A Big, Gnarly, Giraffe Stag Beetle

There are a few things happening here that I think are worth unpacking. One, the idea that this Giraffe Stag Beetle replica could truly be life sized. And second, that there is in fact an audience for this.

This toy is a work of art. I wonder what the intentions of the people purchasing it are. Do they in fact have a fascination with bugs? Are they Kaiyodo fans who will snatch up anything? Do they see this and know their only purpose here on this earth is to scare the absolute hell out of someone with it? (that’s my class). Or is it something more, like they view it as an art piece?

When I see life sized monsters like these that are not from a franchise, but are sculptures meant to convey something more, I wonder if the same people buy these as the ones who buy tiny-tiny toys. Like setting up a dollhouse but in reverse– we are now the dolls. Have you ever gone onto a Japanese toy site, and somewhere among the Jerk Off dolls depicting young women (cartoon style or realistic) bending over with their mouths open, there is always a slew of figures of Japanese soldiers and war vehicles. They come in old school packaging and if there is anything in the kit that needs building, it requires glue that hasn’t been made in 50 years? I feel like this beetle falls somewhere in there.

It’s a mystery, Charlie Brown.

The Kaiyodo Revoltech RevoGeo Giraffe Stag Beetle costs $94.99, ships September 2021 and is available for preorder today.

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  1. I know exactly the kind of dusty old military model vibe you speak of. Though, pretty sure The Last Grenadier in Burbank never had Jerk off dolls. At least not for sale anyway.

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