Fright-Rags Celebrates “Half-Way to Halloween” with Retro Figure Line from Plastic Meatball Commemorating John Carpenter’s Original Halloween Film

New Collectible Action Figures Designed As If They Were Released In 1978!

Official description via Fright-Rags:
The holiday may be six months away, but fans of the classic horror film “Halloween” will have the opportunity to travel back to an alternate autumn of 1978 thanks to a new line of authentically designed, retro-inspired action figures from Fright-Rags and Plastic Meatball based on John Carpenter’s original motion picture, in partnership with Compass International Pictures.  

Staying true to the scale, aesthetic and development methods of the period, the new line of toys was specifically created to deliver a sense of wish fulfillment for fans who would have loved to see these figures on toy store shelves during the film’s initial late 70’s release.  Notably, while the character of Michael Myers has been immortalized countless times as a collectible figurine, the line promises to build out the world of “Halloween” with a number of other fan favorites from the cast.

“I saw the original Halloween film when I was 4 years old – by myself – during its first televised broadcast in 1981 and from the first piano notes of its opening score I was transfixed,” said Ben Scrivens, Founder and Owner of Fright-Rags.  “I didn’t know it at the time, but looking back that first viewing definitely influenced the course of my professional career.  That’s why it’s such a thrill to work with Compass International Pictures and Plastic Meatball to pay homage to John Carpenter’s film with this line of action figures and deliver something that the fans have been wanting for years.”

The first wave of figures is comprised of iconic killer Michael Myers, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Lynda Van der Klok (PJ Soles).  True to the 1970’s action figure aesthetic, all are in 3 ¾” scale with five points of articulation and feature an array of accessories.  Excitement and buzz for the line has been so strong that a second wave of characters from the film is already in development.

“I feel incredibly fortunate that we’re able to go deep with the character line-up for such a seminal film, and really do justice to the town of Haddonfield that Carpenter and company created nearly 45 years ago,” said Mark Morse, President of Plastic Meatball.  “Not only is it the first time a lot of these characters have been immortalized as toys – Michael Myers excluded of course – but it’s the first time the products have been designed to be authentic to the 1970s era they originated from.”  

The original 1978 horror classic created the template for the modern “slasher” film, with its unrelenting, unstoppable killer Michael Myers returning to his hometown of Haddonfield, IL and committing a series of murders after escaping from a sanitarium where he’d spent the previous 15 years for killing his sister on Halloween night.  The film launched the career of actress Jamie Lee Curtis and began a franchise that has spawned numerous sequels and imitators over more than four decades.  

The Halloween figures are now available for pre-order exclusively on at a price of $20 each and are expected to ship in Q4 of 2021.  Pre-orders will be live for one week only, and close on May 5th at 11:59 EDT.


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