RockLove Honors the Women of Star Trek with New Jewelry

Official description via RockLove Jewelry

RockLove Jewelry and CEO & Designer Allison Cimino has debuted three new earring designs in the Star Trek X RockLove Collection. The new RockLove pieces, available on today, pay homage to the Women of Star Trek who have changed the trajectory of so many lives.

And really, few things are as classy and wonderful as fandom and jewelry combining. We’re big fans of RockLove over here!

Said Cimino of the pieces, “Star Trek’s female characters portrayed positions of military and academic power; inspiring young girls across generations to pursue science, mathematics, computer science and space exploration. Women were represented as ambassadors and equals, with chief officers routinely relying on their sage advice and perspectives. While there are many more strong Women of Star Trek, I had to start this collection somewhere, and what better way than by replicating three iconic earrings of three female characters that empowered us all to reach beyond the stars!”

Star Trek X RockLove Kira Nerys Bajoran Cuff Earring – $60.00

Known as d’ja pagh, the Bajoran earring is an elaborate earpiece traditionally worn on the right ear by the Bajoran people. Each person’s earring was unique and bore symbols of their family – historically indicating their social cast, marital status, and religious piety. Accurate to the earring worn on-screen by actress Nana Visitor who played Kira Nerys on Star Trek: Deep Space 9, the Bajoran earring is a symbol of one’s faith – to family, to culture, to freedom. Featuring a single hole piercing, the stud connects with a chain to an accompanying cuff that gently attaches higher up the ear lobe.

Star Trek X RockLove Uhura Spiral Earrings – $135.00

Honoring Star Trek’s iconic Communications Officer, Lieutenant Nyota Uhura, these spiral earrings are handcrafted in sterling silver and plated in luminous yellow gold.  The symmetrical coils hang from secure lever-back ear wires, just like those worn on-screen by actress Nichelle Nichols in Star Trek: The Original Series.

Star Trek X RockLove Guinan Turquoise Earrings – $135.00

Handcrafted brass plated in silver and yellow gold, these dangling earrings feature a domed stud and hammered disk with chime-like strands featuring nuggets of genuine turquoise that shift and sway. An homage to the earrings worn on-screen for Guinan’s final appearance, played by actress Whoopi Goldberg, in the Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 6, Episode 22 “Suspicions.”  This playful and unique design reflects the offbeat, timeless advice embodied by Guinan’s sage and enigmatic character.

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