Hasbro Reveals Marvel Legends Retro Collection Wave 1

Fans, collectors, and kids alike can enjoy these 3.75-inch-scale classic Retro  Collection figures, inspired by the characters from the Marvel comics. You can buy the whole wave of six figures for $62.99 (shipping May 2021), a case of eight figures by clicking right here, or one at a time by clicking the below characters. This price point is wonderful and you’ve got to love those cards. I feel like these retro style Kenner figures have become so expensive and to see them classic like this with an affordable price tag is just awesome.

Marvel Legends Retro Collection 3.75″ Magneto – $19.99

A powerful mutant villain who controls magnetic fields, Magneto clashes with the X-Men to make them yield!

Marvel Legends Retro Collection 3.75″ Spider-Man – $11.99

High above the ground, swinging through the streets, Spider-Man stops criminals that seem impossible to beat!

Marvel Legends Retro Collection 3.75″ Captain America – $11.99

Captain America is a heroic force for all time, fighting to keep Freedom and Liberty safe from evil crime!

Marvel Legends Retro Collection 3.75″ Hulk – $11.99

Doctor Bruce Banner, struck by gamma rays, turns into the Hulk: an enormous hero with massive green bulk!

Marvel Legends Retro Collection 3.75″ Captain Marvel – $11.99

Soaring through the skies, Carole Danvers flies, with superhuman strength and speed; in the fight to save the world, she’s the hero we need!

Marvel Legends Retro Collection 3.75″ Human Torch – $11.99

Day or night, the fantastic Human Torch lights up the sky. In the battle against evil, for justice he will fly!

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