Masters of the Universe Origins Rise Of Evil Exclusive Two-Pack Now At Target…Mostly

Target has let loose the dogs of war this weekend. The very much anticipated and dreaded Rise of Evil two pack. Featuring the ominous Keldor rightful ruler of Eterina along with Kronis before his accident that made him the monster known as Trap Jaw. Both figures are very important to the mythos of MOTU and collectors. This sets up a perfect storm of eager collectors, flippers, poor distribution, and of course Target itself.

I have already seen some posts where collectors are quitting because they couldn’t get this or feel that they won’t be able to. Wait, just wait it out, man. This is the first weekend of partial releases. Follow your inventory finders and heck… Target tells you what stores have them in stock. It will be a hunt but don’t pay those crazy and I mean crazy first day after market prices. This is a toy with an MSRP retail price of $30.00 and we’re only on week one– no way it is worth $150-300. That is the aftermarket just trying to take advantage of the insecurities in the collectors. They are set for a official street date of April 25th so some of them are just hitting early.

Notes about the packaging– Artist Axel Giménez has been doing a knock out job on these. The Battle at the Hall of Wisdom shows us some very nice previews of things to come. Most notably is King Randor Comic Stratos that I have been asking for since day one. Comic Trilogy Klops that one the contest earlier. Mer Man with Lords Of Power that we know is coming out. Evil Lyn in what loos to me her 200x colors and would be listed now as Evil Lyn 2 in wave five.

Masters of the Universe is back for a whole new generation of fans and collectors with Masters of the Universe: Origins. Enter the ever-evil Keldor and his formidable enemy/comrade Kronis! These two thrilling figures in the Origins line honor classic MOTU traditions while incorporating exciting new design features. Skeletor and Kronis figures are highly posable (16 moving joints!) and come with swappable body parts. Keldor features both Keldor and an Alcala Keldor design. Collectors will be blown away by the expert design details, from the “gemstone” in Keldor figure’s armor to the staff that’s powered up with his infamous havoc energy. This authentic Masters of the Universe: Origins set is a must-have collectible that aficionados will treasure. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • This ​​​Keldor and Kronis action figure 2-Pack is a must-have for MOTU collectors​
  • Fully articulating figures have 16 moveable joints for realistic, power posing. Posable joints include legs, ankles and arms​
  • Keldor comes with two swappable heads for authentic story-based transformation!
  • Switch between Keldor and the Alfredo Alcala-inspired Keldor design​
  • Figures also come with battle weapons. Stage epic battles and creative adventure stories with these authentic, expertly designed MOTU characters​A one-of-a-kind set for Masters of the Universe Origins fans and collectors

Available – Now, officially April 25th 2021

Retail – $29.99

Target Link

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