Unwind Your Mind with Mondo Games’ A Gentle Rain, a Meditative Puzzle Game

Official description via Mondo Games:

Take a deep breath, and relax… Mondo Games is pleased to announce A Gentle Rain, a meditative solo or cooperative strategy game designed to instill calm and tranquility. A visually beautiful game, this little box of calm is simple to understand, yet hard to master.
First created as a holiday gift for friends and family, A Gentle Rain was designed by acclaimed game designer Kevin Wilson (Arkham Horror, TMNT: Shadows of the Past, Descent: Journeys in the Dark) to create a feeling of calm during the often stressful holiday season.

The game was a hit, with many recipients still playing the game years later due to its simplicity, portability, and the soothing and compelling game ritual.
“I wanted to make a game that creates a feeling of Zen calm, of thought without thought, like when you assemble a jigsaw puzzle or play a game of solitaire,” says A Gentle Rain game designer Kevin Wilson. “The mind is occupied, but not busy. For a little while, you are transported elsewhere. And given the last year or so, I think that’s something we all desperately need now and then. A small pool of calm in a turbulent world.”
A contemplative solo or cooperative game, the goal of A Gentle Rain is to place game tiles in such a way that reveals eight types of blooming lilies before your tiles run out. Each new tile drawn is placed next to a tile already in play, making sure to match the colors of all the tile edges touching the newly played tile. With each complete square of four touching tiles, a blossom appears between them and a point is scored.
A Gentle Rain includes 28 tiles and 8 wooden tokens featuring art by Chris Bilheimer and is conveniently sized to travel anywhere. A Gentle Rain retails for $22 and is shipping now from MondoShop.com and will be available in retail stores nationwide beginning next month.

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