G.I. Joe Roundtable Report: Snake Eyes Movie and the Return of Cobra Island

Several Toy Journalist and other press members had a chance to sit down with Hasbro Media and Design team to talk Joes once again. Mostly, this was to discuss the Snake Eyes Origins movie toys. However several other tidbits were released during this conversation. Most notability, reissues and rereleases of some underproduced Joes. The recent ongoing issues with Target and the Cobra island releases are felt and they are doing something about it. Where will see the much sought after Cobra Island figures back on store shelves or in Hasbro Pulse?

That will be answered fully this June during the Yo Joe June special event.

Yo Joe June!

Hasbro did say there would be a June Event for G.I. Joe. This event will let us know the status of well known unreleased classified figures AKA Major Bludd and Barbecue– by this time press and fans will have the official word on Cobra Island rereleases, reissues, or reloaded. That is not just limited to Cobra Island figures we will see other come back as well. You resellers better drop that stock now. What I really want to know is where the damn Alley Viper is and for the love of god don’t say Target. They are very aware of the Target issues and are taking steps to rectify that as well. Hasbro is really trying to make things better for the highly popular and sought after toy line.

Retro Wave Four

Hasbro confirmed that fans will see more coming from the Retro Wave– according to reports, these have been selling very well. Walmart is happy and wants more stock on the shelves (enough so they don’t have to restock). Nothing on the next wave but that will be sure to be revealed in June as well.

Snake Eyes Origins Classified

The Classified line is currently capped at the newly revealed figures. However they are open to more down the line depending on sales and the popularity of the film. As the figures are the only source material show so far of the film these are the only looks into the look and concepts we will see later this year. Two notes were brought up about colors and detail. Storm Shadow is a light tan not white. This has been a hot topic of debate and hate in the fandom. Remember this is Snake Eyes Origins. The beginning of a new G.I. Joe Universe for both classic fans and new.

Snake Eyes Origins Kids Line

This line is more expansive than the Classified and for a reason. This is for the next generation of fans. Your kids that you take to the movies. They will play with these toys. That is why they are cheaper and have spin back action in the basic assortment. These are meant to be fun for kids. That purpose looks very well done in my option. They figures are good sized and priced. the bikes have lots of action features. The role-play items again have function for kids play. Note as well they will be the first 12 inch G.I. Joe figures to be released in some time. All of this is made for the new generation of fans.

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