Bananya Fans Can Rejoice with the Addition of New Merch at Crunchyroll!

The beloved Bananya, an adorable kitty who lives in a banana, is coming back into the spotlight with the launch of a new book! THE SECRET LIFE OF BANANYAS is the official adventure guidebook for this secret world of kitties living in bananas and it’s launching nationwide today!

This book is the perfect addition to any Bananya collection with previous releases including a figure and sticker mini kit, Tora Bananya plush— you can also watch both seasons on Crunchyroll!

Additional details:

Crunchyroll Rekindles Bananya Love with Launch of New Book!

  • The beloved Bananya, the adorable kitty who lives in a banana, is coming back into the spotlight! 
  • Crunchyroll partnered with Running Press to release THE SECRET LIFE OF BANANYAS, which is available for pre-order in the Crunchyroll Store as well as Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, eBooks, and bookstores across the United States. 
    • Description: Based on the hit anime Bananya, this official guide will take you on an adventure into the secret world of the kitties who live in bananas. This guide has everything that you need to know about the show and all of its characters including full-color illustrations, an identification guide, playful advice facts, and memories of past adventures. Nya!
  • Bananya fans can also purchase a mini kit that includes a talking figurine and sticker book in the Crunchyroll Store (available for pre-order), Amazon, Target, Walmart, and other major bookstores. 
  • More than 1 million licensed Bananya products have been sold in North America to date! Bananya gear such as apparel, bags, hats, stationery, calendars, wall art, home decor, accessories, plush, and vinyl in the U.S. and abroad at Target, Walmart, Kohl’s, GameStop, Hot Topic, Box Lunch, Forever 21, Spencer’s, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, Primark, George, Jay Jays and more!
  • Bananya has always been a beloved part of the Crunchyroll community. A fan-favorite event activation put on by Crunchyroll in 2018 featured a 12-foot diameter pool filled with Bananya plushies! (804 of them, to be exact!)
  • Fans can tune-in to watch season one and two of Bananya, a short about the secret life of kitties who live in bananas, streaming now on Crunchyroll. 

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