PlayMonster Brings the Nostalgic Delights of Family Board Games Back to Players

Right now on Entertainment Earth, there is a huge brand-new selection of Family Board Games that evoke that old nostalgic feeling of the wonderful 90s and our childhoods. One of my absolute favorite things to do in the summer as a kid was go to Toys R Us and get lost looking at that huge, sprawling wall of family board games. As long as there wasn’t parts that you had to re-purchase (like the circular paper in Thin Ice or more modeling clay for Grape Escape) my mom was more than happy to buy board games for me and my sisters to play and discover together. I love that while tabletop games are becoming more sophisticated, there are these family games that are still the lively, quick games from yesteryear that are filled with excitement and rowdy joy. Check out this new selection from PlayMonster and get ready to game again!

Drone Home Game – $24.99 – June 2021

Race to launch your aliens down the ramps and land inside the drone! Watch out—there’s a delay once you make it in, so others can knock you out! If you stay in and your alien escapes when the drone lifts off, you’re one step closer to winning. Get rid of all your aliens first to win! It’s fast-paced fun for the whole family, and it’s the first game to include a real, flying drone! Requires 4x AAA batteries, not included.

The Drone Home Game includes:

Launch Pad
4x Launch Ramps
12x Aliens

Colorforms Silly Faces Game – $14.99 – May 2021

It’s a race to make the silliest face in this smile-filled classic game that sticks like magic! Spin the spinner and land on a face space to fill, then choose from a wacky assortment of re-stickable Colorforms pieces to stick on your face card. The first one to complete a whole silly face wins the game. Easy to learn and fun to play, it’s creative face-making fun for the whole family! Features characters from the new Netflix series Charlie’s Colorforms City. For 2 to 6 players.

The Colorforms Silly Faces Game includes

68x Re-stickable Colorforms Pieces
6x Game Cards
Game Board with Spinner

Giant Spoons Game – $17.99 – May 2021

Play this classic card game that’s bigger than life! Race to get four of a kind…and you’d better snag a spoon if you want to stay in the action. Each round somebody will be eliminated, so be sharp, but be thankful that the spoons aren’t. For 3 to 8 players.

The Giant Spoons Game includes:
1x Deck of 54 Playing Cards
7x Giant Spoons

Don’t Rock the Boat Game – $21.99 – May 2021

Arrrrr ye ready for some fun? Take turns trying to balance your pirate pieces on the ship, but if you rock the boat and send some mateys overboard, ye be a landlubber! For 2 to 4 players, ages 5 and up.

The Don’t Rock the Boat Game includes:

3-Piece Ship with 3 Masts
2-Piece Water Wave
Balancing Rod
16x Playing Pieces (10x Pirate Penguins, 1x Canon, 1x Treasure Chest, 1x Ship Wheel, 1x Anchor, 1x Octopus, 1xCrab)

Yeti in My Spaghetti Game – $14.99 – May 2021

Who knew yetis liked spaghetti? We did! In this wacky, fun game, the noodles are laid across the bowl and Yeti is just sitting there on the noodles…but as you remove the noodles one by one (be careful), Yeti could fall into the bowl, and that would mean you lose! For 2 or more players.

The Yeti in My Spaghetti Game includes
30x Noodles

Orangutwang Game – $21.99 – May 2021

How much can you hang before he goes twaaang?! Orangutwang is a fun, suspenseful, and wild game. Take turns hanging fruit and jungle friends on the orangutan, but watch out. At some point, he’ll be holding too much and he’ll spring up and send the fruit and friends flying! Easy to set up and requires no batteries! For 2 or more players.

the Orangutwang Game includes:

Base with 2x Palm Trees
Toucan Lever
Vine String
14x Hanging Game Pieces (2x Pineapples, 2x Bats, 6x Banana Bunches, 2x Geckos, 2x Coconuts)

Stacktopus Game – $14.99 – May 2021

Slip on the silly sea fingers to become a stacking octopus…a Stacktopus! Stacking these cups should be easy, but when you’re wearing octopus arms on your fingers, it becomes silly, competitive fun. Race to match your stack of cups to the card shown to win. It’s great fun for kids, but also for families—wearing the silly sea fingers levels the playing field for everyone!

The Stacktopus Game includes:
9x Sea Fingers
18x Cups
27x Cards

Chrono Bomb Night Vision Game – $34.99 – May 2021

Chrono Bomb Night Vision is a super secret spy mission where kids use the included clamps and long, 37-foot string to create a “laser” field to crawl through. At the end of the maze is the bomb, counting down…tick, tick, tick! So, you have to hurry, carefully, and make it to the end to defuse the bomb and be the hero! Play over and over again, building new courses each time or trying to beat your or your friend’s time. Plus, turn the lights out and play in the dark using the UV light goggles to light up the string! Requires 9x AAA batteries, not included.

The Chrono Bomb Night Vision Game includes:
10x Cards
4x Standard Clamps
Reel Clamp
Sensor Clamp
2x Pairs of UV Light Goggles

Ultra Dash Game – $24.99 – May 2021

Set out the targets to design your course, press the button on the tagger to choose your game, and then race to match the color of the flashes with the targets! There are 3 Game modes: Beat the Clock, Target Tally, and Relay Race-it’s a different game each time you play! When playing, the tagger detects targets and scores on accuracy, and game play cues are all visuals and sounds-no language barriers! Play solo, head-to-head, or team vs. team. For 1 or more players.

The Ultra Dash Game includes:
5x Targets

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