Masters Of The Universe Origins Flocked Panthor Action Figure

Get the Flock out of here eBay. The long awaited Flocked Panthor is in stores. At least sometimes, that is. It’s Walmart people so please don’t pay the over market price on this. Just wait, I know that is so damn hard right now when everyone has it but you. Please just wait, This will be in stores and online later. As with all MOTUO line at first its real hard to get one and you don’t want to wait for it. This will be available and everyone that wants one will be able to buy it just not this week. The Walmart link is below so you can check your local stocks. Beware of third party sellers on Walmart you have to really check the price on it even Walmart will sometimes mark items at Market prices. Wait it out and Panthor in all his flocked glory can be yours.

Masters Of The Universe Origins Panthor Action Figure

​Masters of the Universe is back for a whole new generation of fans and collectors with Masters of the Universe: Origins. Enter the ever-evil Skeletor’s fiercely loyal feline companion, Panthor! This thrilling figure in the Origins line honors classic MOTU traditions while incorporating exciting new design features. The giant Panthor action figure’s purple body is designed with flocking for authentic texture and comes with a removeable molded saddle. Panthor has 12 moveable joints — including legs, head, neck, tail and jaw — for power posing and imaginative battle scenes. This authentic Masters of the Universe: Origins beast is a must-have collectible that aficionados will treasure. Colors and decorations may vary.​

Masters Of The Universe Origins Panthor Action Figure:

  • Age Range: 6 Years and Up
  • ​This Panthor beast action figure is a must-have for MOTU collectors ​
  • ​Fully articulating Panthor creature has 12 moveable joints for realistic, power posing Moving joints include Panthor action figure’slegs, neck, jaw and more! ​
  • ​Panthor is battle ready with a removable saddle (molded for Skeletor figure to ride!)!​
  • ​This fierce MOTU cat creature is designed with extraordinary flocking for an authentic feel ​​​
  • ​A one-of-a-kind set for Masters of the Universe fans and collectors

Available – Now

Retail – $29.99

Walmart Link

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