First Look at Power Rangers ReAction Figures in Packaging

Per a source on Twitter, the well known Power Rangers fan page/podcast NoPinkSpandex has found in-package images of the upcoming (like, this week upcoming) Power Rangers ReAction figures from Super7. Though these were teased as on sale this week, this is still a First Look Potential Leak Teaser Article until Super7 officially releases the items for sale on its website. So together, let’s just look at some artwork.

What is important to note here is that for the first time, villains and Megazords are in scale together. Which means you can play Ranger vs Bad Guy, or by switching to your Megazord, you’re in a scene where your Monster has Grown. This is unique, one of a kind, and takes it to a whole new level. I have the Megazord and Green Rangers waiting on preorder. Full purchasing links are on the way the moment we see these beauties on Super7’s site!

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