Super7 Shows Off Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Pudgy Pig ReAction Figure

With the simple words “Coming Next Week”, Super7 has revealed its Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Pudgy Pig ReAction figure. While it hasn’t been a secret which figures are on the way from Super7’s newly acquired Power Rangers toy line (preorders have been available on BBTS and other site for quite a while) Super7 has been pretty hushed and locked up about any images revealing how these look. Currently, I want to say that we’ve seen the Green Ranger ReAction figure or maybe that was a fever dream. Hell, I ordered two Megazord ReAction figures without having even seen a singular image.

In typical Super7 tradition, this Pudgy Pig looks really good. He was one of the earliest MMPR villains (definitely in the first 3-5 episodes) and made quite the impact on kids with his comedic gluttony. Hasbro already handled the Pumpkin Rapper, so this is a great kick off for Super7. In typical ReAction Figure specs, he will likely stand 3.75 inches tall and feature five points of articulation. Maybe even four, since his limbs look like they are growing out of his head.

We will update with preorder information the moment we have it! Until then, it’s Morphin’ Time!

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  1. For the cyborgs megazord. It would be really much cooler or better if the zords can come apart.

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