Super7 ThunderCats ULTIMATES ThunderTank Pre Order Ends Friday

This is it if you were waiting for the last minute this is it. Thundercats Thundertank ends Friday 3/2/21. Remember we told you to get this now as once it is made and delivered the price will be twice as high. In fact if you look at vintage Thundertanks they are the same price as this and you get 3.5 times the toy. It is simple math here folks buy it now or forever hold your peace.

Super7 is the King of the Dorks. They are making the toys they always wanted and these toys are better than we deserve. Nobody makes vehicles anymore and there is a reason for that. They are very expensive. You would not get this from a big toy company, only Super7.

But what about HasLab, you say? Hasbro doesn’t need to crowd fund they can make any of that stuff when ever they want. They let you think you the fans made it happen. At Super7 they really do make it for you because they want to make a damn fine toy that no one else would make. Why? Because they always wanted to.

Mattel had ThunderCats– they did one wave and quit. Mattel didn’t make three waves of ThunderCats. Super7 already passed Mattel– they can’t do what Super7 is doing now. The ThunderTank is yet another love letter to everything we wanted as a kid, only better. This is an incredible feat by an underdog company. We got Snake Mountain and now they are giving us the ThunderTank. We really, really need to send them thank you cards and cookies more.

Basics about the tank: It is huge and yes, expensive. Why does it cost so much? Molds making something this big is very hard and it is why we don’t see this stuff anymore. Remember, this is not for Walmart or Target; this is just for the real collectors. This is something no other company would take the time or expense to make. Only Super7 stepped up to the plate and said “we are going to make a tank for seven inch figures.”

This is a amazing time to be in where we can get something like this. There are multiple ways and sites to purchase it at we have them listed below. This is made to order so you have two months to place your order and they will make that amount. If you miss out they only get more expensive as time goes by. Snake Mountain was the toy of 2020 this will be the toy of 2022.

ThunderCats, HOOOOO! What if there was a bigger and better vision of the ThunderTank you wanted as a kid? Panthro was in need of a little extra work, so we had him come over to Super7 and help us build the ThunderTank of our dreams!  The ULTIMATES! ThunderTank features cartoon accurate deco, opening cargo bay doors, a mechanical jaw, glow-in-the-dark eyes, rolling wheels, and more!

ThunderCats ULTIMATES! Vehicle – ThunderTank

Measuring 27” long- that’s over TWO FEET!- and 17” wide, the ULTIMATES! ThunderTank can carry up to six ThunderCats ULTIMATES! figures! You can fit four original ThunderTanks inside the ULTIMATES! version! The ULTIMATES! ThunderTank features:

  • Working rubber tank treads
  • Rolling wheels with steel axles
  • Articulated jaw
  • Articulated arms reveal hidden cannons
  • Forehead panel reveals hidden cannon
  • 2 different windshields – Armored for battle mode & Clear for aquatic mode
  • Opening cargo bay doors
  • Seating for 6 Super7 ThunderCats 7″ Ultimates figures
  • Removable, swiveling turret
  • Highly detailed cockpit
  • Highly detailed wall paneling
  • Thundrillium storage container
  • Cartoon accurate deco

The pre-order will be open from February 2 – April 2, 2021 for $450 plus $40 shipping to the United State & Puerto Rico (SHIP TO ADDRESS CANNOT BE A P.O. BOX). A payment plan and international options are also available! Expected delivery is Q1 2022.

Payment Plans and other options differ at each retailer. We got the best options down below for you.

Super7 Link

Partial payments around $160 each for three payments


$50 down and payment due at shipment

EE link

Full payment due at Shipping

Sideshow Link

$45 down and 8 payments at $50

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