Ultraman Trading Cards from RRParksCARDS

The Series One Card Set:

This series will include:

67 Card Base Set covering ALL episodes of Ultra Q and Ultraman

90 Card KAIJU Puzzle Back Set featuring ALL the monsters and aliens for Ultra Q and Ultraman

45 Ultra Q and Ultraman Sketch Card Artist Gallery Promo Cards

18 Ultraman Anaglyph 3D cards (and yes, I include the 3D glasses in all boxes)

11 Limited Edition Macarie Portrait Cards of Ultra Q and Ultraman

12 Limited Edition Stoinich Portrait Cards of Ultra Q and Ultraman

9 Different Metal Box Toppers

9 Different FULL MOTION Lenticular Cards

10 different RETRO STYLE Ultraman ‘Opening Credits’ Stickers

Genuine ORIGINAL ART Sketch Cards by the hobby’s LEADING Sketch Card Artists

An official DIY Sketch Card Blank (so you can draw your own monster on the card

and become PART of the card series YOURSELF!

AUTOGRAPH CARDS! Yes, we were able to get THREE of the original cast members to do a limited number of autograph cards. Fuji, Hayata and Ultraman himself! MUCH appreciation goes to Tsuburaya and The Licensing Group who helped facilitate this!

Printing Plates! Yep, own a UNIQUE piece of trading card history — a unique, genuine printing plate used in the production of these cards.

39 BONUS mini cards to be clipped out, printed front and back right on the box.

Progressive Proofs — during the printing process, four different plates are used to result in FULL COLOR. But what about what cards look like without ALL the plates to produce full color? These unusual parallel cards are being planned for this series and will be available to Kickstarter backers. 

Kickstarter Ends Fri, April 30 2021 11:09 PM PDT.

Kickstarter Link


1 Promo Card Pledge Level: $2

At this level, you get ONE promo card. Postpaid anywhere in the world. 

5 Sample Cards: $4 

At this level, you get 5 random Ultraman cards (base cards… maybe a subset card) AND I’ll kick in ONE promo card for a total of 6 Ultraman cards. This is an ideal level for someone who basically can’t afford to collect the actual SET but just wants to see a few cards and have fun pledging on the Kickstarter and get some fun mail to open. Postpaid anywhere in the world. 

3-Pack Sampler: $14

At this level you would be pledging for 3 packs. Each pack contains a random assortment (with each pack’s contents being 10 all different cards). NICE level for those who want to ‘test drive’ the Ultraman Series One Trading Cards on a limited budget. I’ll try and make sure at least one pack has a Retro Style sticker. WITH the 3 packs you will also receive ONE Ultraman Series One Promo Card.

 The ONE TUCK BOX: 35 cards PLUS Sketch Card and 3 special ‘hit’ cards …  pledge level: $45 

At this level you are pledging on a single tuck box. What is IN a tuck box? You get 35 random (but all different) base and subset type cards and ONE genuine art Sketch Card, ONE printing plate, ONE metal Box Topper, ONE lenticular motion card and ONE Retro Style Sticker. 

The 36-Pack Retail Box pledge level: $85

The 36-pack box is guaranteed to contain 36 10-card packs. With many card series being produced these days, a box might have 10 or 20 packs… MAYBE… and around 5 or 6 card packs. Well, over here we like LOTS of packs with LOTS of cards! So we basically double the average number of packs… and about double the average number of cards IN each of those packs… so a single 36 pack box contains 360 CARDS! Topping each box will be a pair of 3D glasses AND one METAL CARD BOX TOPPER. So what is guaranteed in a BOX? A complete BASE SET (all 67 cards), a complete KAIJU PUZZLE-BACK set (all 90 different cards), a complete 3D ANAGLYPH set (all 18 cards), a complete RETRO STICKER set (all 10 stickers). There will also be randomly inserted MACARIE and STOINICH limited edition portrait art cards and some Sketch Card Gallery Promo Cards. Each box is guaranteed TWO ‘hit’ cards and hit cards may include an original art SKETCH CARD, PRINTING PLATE, LENTICULAR MOTION CARD, PROGRESSIVE PROOF CARD, DIY SKETCH BLANK. … STILL not enough? Well the retail box is printed with 39 different MINI CLIP-OUT cards (a complete set of minis) AND a Series One Header Card. For Kickstarter backers during this campaign, ONE of those hit cards in a full 36-pack box is GUARANTEED to be an original art SKETCH CARD. 


For those wanting a MASTER SET, there’s a tier for that, too … at the MASTER SET LEVEL you get all 67 BASE SET cards, all 90 KAIJU PUZZLE-BACK cards, all 45 SKETCH CARD GALLERY PROMO cards, all 11 Macarie Limited Edition PORTRAIT cards, all 12 Stoinich Limited Edition PORTRAIT cards, all 18 3D ANAGLYPH cards (and a pair of 3D glasses), all 9 LENTICULAR cards, all 9 metal box toppers, all 10 RETRO STYLE stickers, 1 DIY sketch card blank, 1 original art SKETCH CARD, 1 printing plate, and 1 retail box with all 39 mini clip-out cards and one unused wrapper for your collection. That’s all 273 different cards (plus the 39-card mini clipout set on the box). OVER 300 DIFFERENT CARDS! Except for the autograph cards, that’s EVERYTHING IN SERIES ONE all at ONE GO! IMPORTANT: Master Sets will ONLY be available to Kickstarter Backers during this campaign. If you’re not a fan of building a master set on sites like ebay… spending a ludicrous amount of money (much of that money going to paying postage for 1 or 2 cards at a time) and a ridiculous amount of TIME trying to piece together a Master Set of a card series then here’s your one-shot-and-done pledge level to have a Master Set. 


Very simple pledge tier. See all that stuff in the MASTER SET level? Well DOUBLE IT! Now you can add a master set to your personal collection and have one Master Set to break up and flip-sell or trade. For DOUBLE Master Set pledges I’ll make sure your two sketch cards are different artists and different subjects. PLUS I’ll include some progressive proofs and if there are any error cards, I’ll include some (since production hasn’t gone to press yet, completely unknown if there will be any error cards). 

 The 8-Tuck Box Case with 8 Sketch Cards!: $350 

Each of the 8 Tuck Boxes is a ‘Deluxe Pack’ LOADED with hit cards. The Tuck Box contains 35 all different randomly assorted BASE and SUBSET cards plus FOUR hit cards in EACH TUCK BOX — guaranteed to include ONE genuine art Sketch Card, ONE printing plate, ONE metal Box Topper, ONE lenticular motion card and ONE Retro Style Sticker.   So in a full case of 8 tuck boxes that’s EIGHT sketch cards, EIGHT printing plates, EIGHT metal box toppers, and EIGHT lenticular motion cards. As a bonus, during this Kickstarter, for backers, I’ll bump each case up so it contains all 9 lenticulars and all 10 stickers. And super surprise bonus? EACH case of 8 tuck boxes is GUARANTEED to contain at least one AUTOGRAPH CARD (so that’s ONE autograph card somewhere in one of the 8 tuck boxes). I’ll make sure that during collation, an 8-tuck CASE will yield  a complete BASE SET of cards, a complete KAIJU PUZZLE-BACK SET of cards, AND a complete ANAGLYPH 3D SET of cards AND all 9 different metal box topper cards. Each case also includes a pair of 3D glasses. Ideal pledge tier for someone who HAS to have an autograph card PLUS lots of printing plates and sketch cards and a base set. 

BOX BREAKER’S DEAL — FOUR 36-pack boxes: $325

See that pledge level for an $85 BOX of 36 packs? Well multiply that by FOUR! This level gets your FOUR of those boxes. And because boxes pledged in this Kickstarter are guaranteed to EACH contain a sketch card — so that’s FOUR sketch cards, FOUR complete base sets, FOUR complete 90-card Puzzle-Back Kaiju sets… plus I’ll make sure the hits have a nice variety for you (no doubles on hit cards!). 

COMBO DEAL — One 36-PACK BOX and One 8-TUCK BOX CASE: $425

Gonna have some fun time here opening up all this STUFF! You’ll end up with a guaranteed Master Set and one autograph card … on top of all the base and subset cards you’ll be getting NINE original art sketch cards and NINE printing plates. Just read over what is in the pledge level of an 8-tuck box CASE and the 36-pack box … ALL of that stuff together will be in this pledge level. 

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