Masters Of The Universe Game By Archon Studio

That’s right there is a Masters of the Universe game in the works. We have a first look at the game itself. They have already let loose a couple of limited miniatures for Europe only. The game will be going to Kickstarter worldwide later this year. The game board does look fantastic with such a diverse world to play with how can it not be? There is already a lot of moving parts with 350 cards and 150 tokens. If you are not a game nerd, it’s a good middle ground. As for Miniatures we have 12 for the game, though it is unclear how many can be on the board at any given time. Visit the game’s official site and sign up for updates via newsletter.

12 miniatures of iconic characters
30 troop miniatures
130 tokens 
350 cards 
1 angry Skeletor 

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