Walmart Collector Con Netflix Transformers Reveals

We have more reveals for the upcoming Walmart Collector Con. From the Netflix Transformers Collection we have two more new box sets. Both sets are repaints of other releases. First up is the Sparkless Seeker with Sparkless Singe and Sparkless Caliburst. Sparkless means they are dead for those not up with their Transformers lingo. Next up is the Optimus Primal and Rattrap box set. These two are slight repaints in a Netflix box set. Both of these figures are great and to have them in new colors is nice but could have been much more with so many color choices out there. All of these and the Beast Wars will be available on Monday at 10 am exclusively at

Walmart Link

Primal Walmart Link

Sparkless Seeker Link

Spoiler Pack Box Set

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