Mattel Rolls Out a Whole New Minions Collection

The Minions are back and Mattel is doling out the goods with a brand new collection.

The collection includes include characters and gadgets from the Minions Franchise including new characters from the upcoming film.

Official description via Mattel:


Ten years after their creation, Gru and the Minions are among the most iconic animated characters of their generation. Globally recognized and beloved by fans of all ages, they have propelled Illumination’s Despicable Me into the most successful animated film franchise in history. Gru is one of the few protagonists who is also an antagonist, whose sweet and subversive qualities make him relatable to all audiences. Bright yellow, instantly unforgettable, speaking a language that no one knows but that everyone can understand, the Minions have become icons of self-expression in pop culture on every continent of the globe. 

What makes it all the more remarkable is that, technically speaking, the Minions—led by Kevin, Bob and Stuart—are supposed to be the bad guys. Delightfully evil and boldly unapologetic, they are the henchmen of Gru, whose ambition is to become the world’s greatest supervillain. And yet, audiences everywhere cheer for them because these edgy anarchists are operating from a place of unbridled joy—truly doing what they love—and above all, out of a loyalty and devotion to Gru. 

Beneath the over-the-top antics and seemingly misguided intentions of the Minions, are themes of loyalty, friendship and an unspoken narrative about the families we choose and devote ourselves to defending. The franchise reflects the idea that whoever you are, or whatever your dreams, you can find your tribe (home) and become a family, no matter how unconventional. 

Stepping into a Despicable Me film, audiences know they’re in for an unforgettable experience, full of laughter and surprises and a paradigm shift to an upside-down world in which good is bad and bad is good. The characters in the franchise are a joyful retort to the real world’s conflicts, and a reminder that the best parts of life, no matter your age, usually involve a little mischief. Or maybe even a lot.

Minions Sing ‘N’ Babble Asst.

SRP: $14.99 | 4+ | Spring 2021 

  • Each Minion recognizes and responds to the other characters in this assortment for fun interaction with 25 character specific sounds as they call each other by name and talk, sing, and laugh with one another. 
  • Each Sing ‘n Babble Minion has a unique, swappable accessory and moveable joints for increased storytelling and display options 
  • There are 6 items in the full year assortment – 3 spring Minions in their classic overalls and 3 fall Minions in new movie-related kung fu training suits 

Minions Babble Otto

SRP: $29.99 | 4Y+ | Spring 2021 

  • Enjoy Minions: The Rise of Gru action and laughs with new character Otto!  
  • This large interactive toy features nine different ways to play, 20+ sounds and phrases and state of the art tech for the ultimate, realistic Minions response!  
  • Move him in a variety of ways and he reacts with different expressions for each action. You can tilt him left, tilt him right, fly him around, turn him upside down and hear a variety of funny Minion responses. Put the included sacred stone in his pocket and he reacts ecstatic.  
  • At the end of play, lay him down and he will sing himself a lullaby and go to sleep. 

Minions Splat ‘Ems Asst.

SRP: $3.49 | 4Y+ | Spring 2021 

  • What’s squishy, sticky and totally fun? Minions’ Splat ‘Ems™ mini figures. Each themed surprise packet comes with a mini Minion, a launcher, a buildable card target, its holder and a sticker sheet.  
  • Send a mini-figure soaring through the air toward a target or a card hole. When the figure hits a surface, it splats and sticks.  
  • Choose multiple Splat ‘Ems™ mini figures from our array of Minions: The Rise of Gru themes like Construction, Kung Fu and Travel.  
  • Connect their cards and build an even larger target structure. The variety of favorite characters includes Bob, Stuart, Kevin, new Minion Otto, Dave, Phil, Jorge and even more to come. 

Minions Action Asst. (GMD90) 

SRP: $9.99 | 4Y+ | Spring 2021 

  • These subversive action figures are inspired by Minions: The Rise of Gru — the origin story of the world’s most despicable super villain!  
  • Each figure has a unique movement that lets kids relive a memorable scene from the movie and invent their own acts of rebellion.  
  • At approximately 4-inches / 10-cm tall, these action figures are designed with a universal handgrip and most have a detachable accessory to swap and share with same-sized Minions toys.  
  • Fans will want to collect all their favorite Minions characters to create more mischievous stories. 

Minions Movie Moments Asst. (GMF14) 

SRP: $19.99 | 4Y+ | Spring 2021 

  • The Rise of Gru is the origin story of the world’s most despicable super villain! Recreate mayhem with these complete story sets that bring the movie fun right to your home.  
  • Each includes two Minions: The Rise of Gru character figures in themed outfits plus multiple movie-themed accessories.  
  • Get Stuart and Gru on the evil master’s techno sleek bicycle, Stuart and Kevin constructing Gru’s lab and laying cement and Bob and Stuart with a spinning Kung Fu training post. You’ll laugh as you work, joke and play with a Minion. 

Minions Duet Buddy (GMF40) 

SRP: $29.99 | 4Y+ | Spring 2021 

  • Enjoy classic karaoke fun with a Minion spin! Duet Buddy Bob is dressed in his chic disco blue suit from the Minions: The Rise of Gru.  
  • Hold the mic up to him and he sings his heart out Minion style. You’ll laugh as he belts Kool & the Gang’s hit song Celebration.  
  • Then join in and sing into the mic yourself. Bob will wait while you do your part. Then, put the mic back up to him and he continues the duet!  
  • This large plush 8-inch scale figure comes in a “Try me” box so you can hear the rocking tune and Bob’s unique singing style in advance. Snuggle up and sing with Duet Buddy. He’s sure to be a party favorite! 

Minions Fart ‘N Fire (GMF93) 

SRP: $29.99 | 4Y+ | Spring 2021 

  • Be as mischievous as the Minions and gas out your friends with the Fart ‘n Fire™. This super-size blaster lets it rip in a variety of outrageous ways.  
  • The adjustable, telescoping barrel, built in trigger-activated farts and two modes of play deliver 20+ different farts sounds from blips to drawn out bombs.  
  • Plus, when you pull the barrel all the way back, you can release a realistic fart mist for added funny effect. It has an easy to fill water chamber so you can blast gassy mists over and over again.  
  • Pull the trigger and cycle through a variety of outrageous fart sounds. Or create your own toots by extending or shortening the trombone chamber. Fart in quick, short bursts or nail a friend with a drawn out, loud blast. 

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