Mattel Launches ‘Spirit’ Line for Kids Ahead of Theatrical Release in June

Spirit, the movies about a girl and her horse, are wildly popular among children. And on its way in June, fans can look forward to a new theatrical release! See Mattel’s new toy line dedicated to the upcoming film and get your hands on these adorable goodies before they…gallop away. Yes– that will do.

Official descriptions and listings via Mattel:

Be a part of the friendship, bravery and adventure with DreamWorks Animation’s feature film, Spirit Untamed!
SPRING 2021 DOLLS: Spirit Doll & Horse Assortment (GXF20) SRP: $14.99 | 3Y+ | March 1, 2021 • The Spirit Doll & Horse assortment features a choice of Lucky and her horse, Spirit; Abigail and her horse, Boomerang; and Pru and her horse, Chica Linda. • Each doll also comes with a fabric top and measures approximately 7-in/17.78-cm and features 7 movable joints for pose and play fun. • Each horse is approximately 8-in/20.32-cm and features a movable head for posing possibilities, a long mane for hair play fun and a playful stance. • Each set sold separately, subject to availability.

Spirit Untamed Lucky’s Train Home (GXF55) SRP: $39.99 | 3Y+ | March 1, 2021

Lucky’s Train Home playset features Lucky doll (approx. 7-in/17.78-cm) wearing a beautiful full-length dress with matching purse, a ticket plus Lucky’s horse, Spirit (approx.8-in/20.32-cm). • The train has four rolling wheels, a balcony, seating for four and a table that flips from tea time to game time. • Accessories include a teapot and three cups that can be stored on a rack and there’s a hook to hang Lucky’s purse. • Outside on the balcony, there are shoe holders (four) that allow two dolls to clip in while the train rolls!

Spirit Herd Assortment (GXD96) SRP: $9.99 | 3Y+ | March 1, 2021

Inspired by Spirit’s herd of horses in the movie, this horse (approx. 8-in/20.32) has a playful stance and comes with a movable head for pose and play fun. • The horse also features a beautiful color and a long mane—perfect for hair play and storytelling fun. • Fans can collect other Spirit herd horses (each sold separately, subject to availability) and relive the movie adventure

Spirit Untamed Cuddle Colt & Mama (GYC46) SRP: $19.99 | 3Y+ | March 1, 2021
Inspired by the movie, this charming Cuddle Colt & Mama playset captures the love between a mama horse and her young colt.
• The colt horse is approximately 5-in/12.7-cm, and the mama horse is approximately 8-in/20.32-cm and features a long mane.
• Each horse comes with its own colorful blanket.
• Playset also includes a bucket, trough, hay, horse apple treats and stickers so kids can help take care of and feed the colt.

Spirit Untamed Lucky’s Attic Adventure (GXF54) SRP: $24.99 | 3Y+ | March 1, 2021

The Lucky’s Attic Adventure playset features Lucky doll (approx. 7-in/17.78-cm) in an blue dress ready to play among an attic full of treasures. • There’s a vanity with doors that open to reveal a mirror, a picture, a chair, a hat rack, brush and fashion. • The Lucky doll can try on a off-the-shoulder dress, two hats and a wrap plus, she can discover her mom’s gear, including her iconic riding boots. • Playset also includes a mini zoetrope that really works when it spins.

Spirit Festival Deluxe Doll/Horse Assortment (GXF62) SRP: $19.99 | 3Y+ | March 1, 2021

The Miradero Festival Doll & Horse assortment features a choice of Lucky and Spirit, Pru and Chica Linda or Abigail and Boomerang. • The dolls (approx. 7-in/17.78-cm) are each dressed in a festival dress and come with a floral hair accessory and brush plus each doll has a horse with a long mane (approx. 8-in/20.32-cm). • Horse accessories include a floral garland and horse blanket or a saddle. • The horses also have a clip so kids can attach the doll to the horse to ride and play out the festival fun.

Spirit Precious Ponies Assortment (GXF73) SRP: $2.99 | 3Y+ | March 1, 2021
• Discover the surprise fun with Spirit Untamed mini horses.
• Each mini horse figure (approx. 2-in/5.08-cm) is inspired by the horses in the movie and comes in a blind bag ready for unwrapping.
• There are 10 mini surprise horses to unbox and collect! Each mini horse comes in a range of beautiful colors.
• Fans can collect them all (each sold separately, subject to availability).
Spirit Untamed Toddler Lucky Doll & Spirit (GXF93) SRP: $24.99 | 3Y+ | March 1, 2021
• Perfect for little ones, the toddler Lucky Doll (approx. 14-in/35.56-cm) has 5 movable joints for pose and play fun.
• Dressed in a cute outfit featuring molded jeans, boots and an embroidery-styled fabric top, toddler Lucky doll is easy to hug and hold. She also comes with a cute Spirit plush figure that’s easy to hug and hold.
• The set also comes with a brush—perfect for brushing Lucky doll’s hair.

UNO® DreamWorks Spirit Untamed (GXD73)
SRP: $5.99 | 7Y+ | March 1, 2021
• Play out the friendship, bravery and adventure of Spirit Untamed, the animated film from DreamWorks, with this special edition of the UNO game inspired by the movie!
• The package and cards are adorned with the shimmer and shine of the animated characters and a special “Wild Best Friends” lets players discard a matching number card if they have one in their hand.
• When players have only one card left, they must yell with untamed spirit, “UNO!”

Spirit Stackin’ Apples™ (GXD69)
SRP: $19.99 | 5Y+ | March 1, 2021
• Spirit Stackin’ Apples™ kids game transports kids to the world of DreamWorks Spirit Untamed where, just like Lucky, they can feed the beloved horses apple treats.
• Two to four players take turns balancing the treats on Spirit’s nose, then, they push the button on his hoof the number of times shown on the treat. If Spirit opens his mouth and eats, that player keeps the apples.
• The player with the most apples at the end of the game wins! Pick the special “yummy apple” and the player can choose to either stack it and press the hoof one time or keep the apple for their score pile.

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