Leaked Image Reveals He-Man Revelation Toys are in the Works

Fans of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe don’t know much about the new upcoming cartoon series other than Kevin Smith approves of its soundtrack. But today, via a leaked, blurry image on the series of tubes we call The Internet, we can see that He-Man Revelation toys are in fact in the works. And the first one in the unofficial reveal is Skeletor, standing large in 23 cm (9 inches) of staggering bone and muscle glory.

via Twitter
via Twitter

From what we can see, the art style leans into the He-Man Eternity War comic book by DC and comes with a weapon and an energy or fire effect. I personally like a blend of oof and comedy from He-Man, but too much comedy and you get the 80s live action movie.

Whatever happened to the new live action movie that was announced, Mattel?

Toy Wizards will post more about He-Man Revelation toys and all news MOTU as we learn more.

These images were found making the rounds on Twitter.

Update image from Toybook showing off even more figures from the new line. They seem to be a cross between 2000x and Classics at these first looks.

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