Masters Of The Universe Origins Keldor & Kronis Rise Of Evil 2 Pack Target Exclusive

One great thing we have known about for some time is the Rise of Evil 2 pack. This has two, two of my more beloved characters from Masters of the Universe. Keldor, King Randor’s brother (that makes him in fact He-Man’s uncle) and as he is older than Randor the real heir to Eterina. Seriously the back story on that is great. With Keldor, his henchman Kronis is back in time before both Keldor and Kronis had a very bad day turning them into what we know as Skeletor and Trap Jaw. These two pre versions of our more well know figures is what made this so cool.

The bad news this is a Target Exclusive. We’ve seen the chaos of Target exclusives in these pandemic times. Not to mention Targets inability to actually order enough toys for collectors. Seriously one case per toy won’t work man. This needs to be an end cap full to give collectors a chance at retail. The thought of a MOTU 2 pack is amazing. This might be a fight yet again and only cause more and more anger at the big box shops for not giving the fans what they want.

Image Source David Clark Masters of the Universe Origins Fans

Masters Of The Universe Origins Rise of Evil 2 Pack

Target DPCI: 087-16-8549

Available 2021

Retail $29.99

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