Mezco ToyzFair 2021 Reveals & Recap

Over the weekend, Mezco Toyz conducted its virtual Mezco ToyzFair 2021 event where 12 incredible toys were revealed, shown off, and presented in order to give fans and collectors the tingles. Giveaways and other fun events were present at the show, too! Now, hot off the press you need not to look any further– we Toy Wizards got your back, fam. Check out the full list of reveals right here and start saving those shekels– you know you’re going to want to add at least one…or two…or five of these toys to your collection!

Reveal #1 – 5 Points Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Reveal #2 – One:12 Collective Superman

Reveal #3 – One:12 Collective Halloween II (1981): Michael Myers

Reveal #4 – One:12 Collective The Crow

Reveal #5 – Get your rumble on!

Reveal #6 – One:12 Collective Fantastic Four

Reveal #7 – MDS The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974): Leatherface

Reveal #8 – LDD Presents Silent Hill 2: Bubble Head Nurse

Reveal #9 – 14″ Grub

Reveal #10 – One:12 Collective Conquest of the Planet of the Apes

Reveal #11 – One:12 Collective Wolverine

Reveal #12 – Get your rumble on!

Reveal #13 – One:12 Collective Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: Green Ranger

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