Toy Rumors: Power Ranger Lightning Collection Leaks SPD A Squad and TMNT Crossover Two Packs

Hasbro is the worst keeper of secrets in the toy industry. Let’s look at McFarlane Toys– you have no idea till their figures appear in the stores or Todd talks about them and kapow!, they somehow manifest in front of your eyes, ready for retail glory. Hasbro however has some really poor servers to continuously leak waves; this even includes code names that have been broken multiple times.

jtprime17 and PR Collection Info leaked out some very exciting rumors. Mind you this is not official news just yet. It is rumored but this is what fans are thinking and guessing is on the way. We don’t know till more information comes out. It is very exciting news however. I am a big big fan of the Comic Crossover and if you have not read it already we got the trade paperback link below. It is fantastic beyond words and incredible fun. On top of the TMNT crossover figures we have two more Power Rangers SPD A Squad Figures Red and Yellow Rangers. This is all great stuff to look forward to. Toy Wizards will continue to update fans and collectors as more information comes out.

Power Rangers TMNT Lighting Collection

TMNT 2 pack A – Red Ranger Ralph Blue Ranger Leo

TMNT 2 pack B – Yellow Ranger Mikey and Black Ranger Donny

TMNT 2 Pack C – Pink Ranger April Oneil and ? Casey Jones ?

TMNT Boom Green Ranger Shredder

Power Rangers Lighting Collection

Power Rangers SPD A Squad Red Ranger

Power Rangers SPD A Squad Yellow Ranger

Now what I want is this pretty please

Turtle Megazord

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Paperback

Amazon Link

Sale $15.99 List Price: $19.99

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