Super7 Power Rangers ReAction and Super Cyborg First Looks

We have already covered our friends at Super7 has had mega sized plans for Power Rangers. Today was the day some of them have been unveiled. The first two figures for Power Rangers ReAction have been shown off. The Red Ranger and the Green Ranger for wave one. This wave as we have reported will have the Red Ranger, Green Ranger, Mighty Morphin Megazord, Rita Repulsa, Putty Patroller and Pudgy Pig. Whats really great about the ReAction line is that we will be getting a very high villains ratio. This means we will have a monster a foot soldier and a Villain each wave against Two rangers and a Megazord. This line will be amazing and really fill those wants for weird figures that we cant get any other way.

From Super7

ReAction figures celebrate the iconic action figure of our childhood. The unique size and sculpting style was simple while allowing the imagination to go all in on daily adventures. With ReAction figures, Super7 continues the classic action figure style while making the figures we wished we had while growing up.  

Available – 2021

Retail – $18.00

Super Cyborg Megazord

Some notes about the Super Cyborg toy line. Each figure is a large toy with a removable front chest piece. This is part of the style and aesthetic. It features nine points of articulation and the Megazord comes with a sword. Yes, the Rangers are in the chest not the head. They could have put them in the head but then they would be too small. So they are in the chest and it looks better that way. The removable chest piece allows fans to decide whether they want to see robot parts or Power Rangers– but you know the answer is Power Rangers. Having a Megazord in this style was such a good idea– it fits right in with Super7’s other Super Cyborg toys. They announced the Clear Version of the Megazord on Hasbro’s Fan Friday and we will see a painted one as well later this year.

From Super7

The line will kick off with a Super Cyborg Megazord action figure this spring, along with a capsule collection highlighting various categories such as apparel and accessories. Standing at 11” tall with multiple articulation points, Super Cyborg figures feature a removable torso panel to reveal the robot inside.

The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Super Cyborg Megazord is not available for preorder yet, but Toy Wizards will update the moment it becomes available. Here is some of the other figures in the line so we can see whats coming.


11″ tall

Features 9 points of articulation

Removable front chest piece

Available – 2021

Retail – $75.00

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