The Loyal Subjects Sneak Peek New Garbage Pail Wrestling Figures

The Loyal Subjects are creating three new Garbage Pail Kids figures inspired by classic WWF Wrestlers. They gave fans an exclusive sneak peek via Instagram. From what we know, these toys are going to be 5.5 inches tall Walmart exclusives (commence groans). Included in this wave are Savage Randy (complete with “Oh yeah!” signage), Unraveled Warrior, and Gigantic Andre.

While I don’t personally collect GPK, you’ve got to give it to The Loyal Subjects for these dynamic poses, great face sculpts, and wonderful paint work. Garbage Pail Kids is a line that’s been wildly popular since the mid-90s, and it’s great to see more love given to their fans.

Via The Loyal Subjects:

Instagram sneak peek! TLS x GPK x WWE. Keep glued this weekend for more sneak peeks! Approx 5.5” tall. Walmart exclusive, coming this Spring! 

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