Blobby’s Pizza and Paint by Pom Pom Games on Amazon will entertain, educate and keep kids occupied!

Official description via press release:

From the award-winning creator of “Election Night!” board game, Blobby’s Pizza, $22 is a strategic pizza-eating contest that teaches fractions, decimals and percentages for kids 9 and up with bright colors and cute monsters. With their monsters, players can eat their way to the highest bill, while sharpening those math skills! However, in the game, you’ll also need to keep your eyes on your pies, ’cause you can never know when another player’s monster will try to steal your pizza!

Parents can buy this board game that doubles as remote-learning!

For the budding artists ages 5 and up we have the mosaic-like Paint by Pom Pom, $19.99. Available in PuppyPom, KittyPom, DinoPom and UniPom each Pom Pom kit comes in a stand up frame allowing for your children’s art to be easily displayed and make for some seriously cute room decor. 

All you have to do is simply peel back the plastic adhesive cover to reveal a sticky board. (No messy glue required!) Then, find your Pom Pom color and match it to the number on the board. After that, pom pom away! While it’s noted where each pom pom color should go on characters, kids are welcome to use their imaginations and use their colors freely. Think of it as paint by color – but with soft pom poms instead of the messy paint!

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