Icon Heroes Announces Acquisition of G.I. Joe & Transformers Licenses

With two simple graphics and a couple of “Knowing is half the battles, Yo Joes, and Autobots rolls”, Icon Heroes is officially in the Hasbro Game. A maker of miscellaneous goods, Icon Heroes isn’t new to the merchandise game, but they have very few action figures under their belt. Most recently, their Karate Kid action figures, which were announced a few years back, have begun to make bigger waves due to the popularity of Cobra Kai. However, they are fair contenders in the statue game. My favorites from Icon Heroes are their Robotech Valkyrie statues– that VF-1S statue sold out in a hurry during their Robotech blow out sale the other week.

So, what can G.I. Joe fans expect to see from Icon Heroes? My first guess would be enamel pins, and then bobbleheads. I say this with a bias since I am not a bobblehead fan, but I would love to see action figures. The casual viewer, without touching Icon Heroes action figures, can aesthetically compare them to NECA’s figures. I think if Hasbro allows Icon Heroes to make 6-7 inch scale G.I. Joe figures, we could get some great new toys out of them.

Otherwise, a Baroness statue to replace the mess that PCS Collectibles announced would be greatly appreciated, I’m sure.

As for Transformers merchandise from Icon Heroes, I am confident that we will see a pin book out the gate. From there, possibly some statues– but if Icon Heroes can step up their game and become contenders in the Action Figures world, I would love to see that. Jada Toys did it with their chunky chibi Transformers figures, so it’s always really interesting to see what other companies can do.

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