Hot Toys Reveals ‘Batman Forever’ Batman & Robin 1/6 Scale Collectible Figures

Hot Toys is showing off two brand new figures, both dedicated to one of my favorite movies of all times, Batman Forever. Whether or not you think it’s a good installment in the wild world of Batman movies isn’t the conversation. It’s that the 90s were awesome, this movie is a fun and hilarious romp, and Val Kilmer’s face while he yells “Harvey! I’m Batman!” will always be one of my favorite movie moments. Jim Carrey playing Jim Carrey in a Riddler onesie is fun as hell, and Sugar and Spice made tingly thoughts happen. Nicole Kidman was actually good in this film. Batman Forever had it all.

But one thing the Robin figure has is enough noticeable… ahem… enthusiasm for all of us. I’m not even kidding, the bulge on the Robin figure made me blush. Bro, who isn’t fighting without a cup on?! Batman looks regular, what is the explanation for so much excite-bike?!?! Trust, it’s not that I think it’s inappropriate or anything. Bulge away, Robin. But with one-eyed-willy looking at us so… explicitly… I think it’s something we can all have a chuckle about. These are still great looking toys.

Batman in his Sonar Suit costs $255 and ships Spring 2020

Robin costs $245 and ships Spring 2020

Batman Forever – 1/6th scale Batman (Sonar Suit) Collectible Figure

Spending countless years mastering martial arts, criminal science and advanced gadgets engineering, Bruce Wayne has turned himself into a crime fighter second to none. To protect his privacy and strike fear into the hearts of criminals in Gotham City, Wayne came up with Batman. Equipped with a cape and cowl and unique fighting devices, Batman set about the never-ending task of ridding Gotham City of crime. Inspired by the fan favorite Batman Forever, Hot Toys is very excited today to introduce the 1/6th scale Batman (Sonar Suit) collectible figure with lots of gadgets! The movie-accurate collectible figure is meticulously crafted based on the appearance of Batman, featuring a newly developed masked head sculpt with separate rolling eyeballs design; skillfully tailored Sonar Batsuit and cape; detail recreations of Batman’s gadgets and weapons including Sonic Batarang, underwater thruster, Batarang launcher, Bat clamp launcher, a pair of Bat Sonar lenses; and a figure base.

Batman Forever – 1/6th scale Robin Collectible Figure

“R? What’s that stand for?” – Batman Like Bruce Wayne, young Dick Grayson witnessed the murder of his parents and swore to dedicate himself to bringing the criminals to justice. Under the strong wing of Batman, Dick managed to set aside his bitterness and thirst for revenge, turning them into a passion for righting wrongs, battling evil, and eventually becoming Batman’s trusted crime-fighting partner, Robin. When one of them is in danger, the other is sure to help find a way out of it! Inspired by the movie Batman Forever, Hot Toys is thrilled today to present the much-anticipated 1/6th scale Robin collectible figure. The highly-accurate figure is specially crafted based on the image of Robin, featuring a newly developed head sculpt with stunning likeness perfectly translating the details including the face mask, a specialized body portraying his muscular body, detail recreation of Robin’s iconic costume with a “R” logo with a subtle metallic shimmer, also a figure base for display.

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