Mattel Reveals Masters Of The WWE Universe Wave 6

We have mutiple in-hand reports that the Masters of the WWE Universe figures Wave 6 are showing up in stores. This line is still a Walmart exclusive in the states but Toys R Us Canada already has them. What’s really interesting on that is the fact we are still totally missing Wave 5 figures. Like did they get skipped over or were they on that cargo ship that lost 33% of their cargo? Best explanation is Walmart just can’t stock the shelves. Despite all of that, this line is full of really, really great figures despite being a Walmart hostage.

Let’s go over theses amazing figures, shall we? Goldberg Ram Man great extra armor for making troopers. Ultimate Warrior version 2, this is an almost Captain America-like Ultimate Warrior. With the other figures so amazing in the line it’s really strange to have the Ultimate Warrior be the peg warmer. Kane demonic red machine that almost says it all– he has Trap Jaw Roboto parts on him makes it a totally buy for me. Lastly Stephanie McMahon as a evil sorceress and heir to HHH takes the cake as the best figure in the wave.

So, to say the Wave 6 figures are amazing is an understatement. I was very impressed with Mr. T and Jake the Snake from wave 4. That said, wave 6 blows everything out of the water. Showing Toy Wizards own Loryn Stone the line as I write this she said this about the Stephanie McMahon figure: “I think it is a good line, but that’s the first figure I saw where I need it.”

For me this is the best lineup I have seen both for the figures they have and the multiple opportunities to hot-swap parts. That is one of the great things I keep saying about Masters of the WWE Universe. You can have them as wrestlers or He-Man figures or both or make your own new figures. There is so much value in the line parts and figures. I like them so much not just a as a companion line to Origins but as the incredible adaptability of the line. No listings yet as we still have wave 5 to not find at Walmart before we can not find wave 6. But keep tying I only last week got Mr. T and still holding my breath for a Jerry the King Lawler in wave 7?


Ultimate Warrior


Stephanie McMahon

Wave 1


Ultimate Warrior

Finn Balor

Wave 2
Macho Man

Rey Mysterio

John Cena

Roman Reigns

Wave 3
The Rock

The Undertaker

Braun Strowman

New Day

Wave 4
Mr. T

Jake The Snake

The Fiend

Seth Rollins

Wave 5 

Rowdy Roddy Piper

Macho Man

Becky Lynch

Ricky The Dragon Steamboat

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