Quantum Mechanix (QMx) is Showing Off a Whole New World of Disney Toys

Quantum Mechanix (QMx), creators of the Q-Fig, are showing off a whole new world of Disney Magic. Just recently on Facebook, the awesome brand announced that they had five Disney figures to reveal– as of this writing we are only at four, but Toy Wizards will update this article the moment QMx reveals any new Disney pieces.

These brand new Disney Q-Fig diorama pieces are not available for preorder. However, if you go to the individual listing pages below, you can enter your email address and be notified the moment these beauties are available for presale. Q-Figs typically costs in the $20-$30 range and stand about four inches tall. If you want to see these pieces in action, you can see Toy Wizards (very) old video where we review two pieces during a Facebook Livestream.

Update: This entire wave of Disney Q-Figs are available for preorder at BigBadToyStore for only $19.99 a piece!

*Descriptions via QMx official website

Darkwing Duck Q-Fig

Let’s Get Dangerous! Unassuming citizen Drake Mallard appears to lead a normal life in his home of St. Canard, free of danger and excitement. But little do the city’s residents know, Drake Mallard is actually the fearless feathered crime-fighter Darkwing Duck! No would-be evildoer is safe from the terror that flaps in the night, and no Disney collection is complete without the Darkwing Duck Q-Fig by QMx. 

Inspired by the beloved Disney animated television series Darkwing Duck, the Darkwing Duck Q-Fig features our titular hero as he peers into the night atop a duck-shaped gargoyle overlooking the city. Clutching his patented gas gun and dressed in his iconic purple costume, Darkwing Duck is every bit the courageous hero we need. Well, according to him, anyway. 

Our daring Darkwing Duck Q-Fig stands approximately 5 inches tall from the painstakingly-detailed gargoyle-themed base to the raised barrel of his gas gun. Darkwing’s oversized hat and flowing superhero cape have been faithfully recreated here, bringing your fondest memories of Disney Afternoons to life. 

Goliath Q-Fig

Stone by Day, Warrior by Night. Goliath, leader of the last (he thinks) clan of living gargoyles, has awakened after a 1000 year sleep to find himself in the modern world and atop a New York City skyscraper. Standing nearly seven feet tall, the imposing gargoyle sits perched on his parapet, ready to defend his clan and adopted city. Will this stone guardian come to life once he takes his place in your collection? Only time will tell. 

Inspired by the classic Disney animated television series Gargoyles, the Goliath Q-Fig is as commanding as the fierce warrior himself. From his massive wingspan to his bestial tail, Goliath has been faithfully sculpted to capture his rage, power and boldness. No other collectible will bring the world of Gargoyles to life like the Goliath Q-Fig – your collection has a new protector, and your shelves will become his castle above the clouds. 

The magnificent Goliath Q-Fig stands approximately 6 inches tall from the diorama base to the tip of his outstretched wings. The base itself is meticulously sculpted to resemble the gothic rooftop of the Eyrie Building, which will match perfectly when paired with the spectacular Demona Q-Fig. We can’t promise they’ll get along if you display them together, but trust us – they’ll look great regardless.

Demona Q-Fig

Angel of the Night! Consumed by her hatred of humanity, Demona is one of the most dangerous gargoyles in existence. The former mate and second-in-command of Goliath, she has spent the last 1000 years alone and thirsting for vengeance against the humans who betrayed them. Though Demona transforms into a human during the daylight, her stunning gargoyle form is a sight to behold – fearsome, beautiful and perfect for your Q-Fig collection. 

Inspired by the classic Disney animated television series Gargoyles, the Demona Q-Fig presents the She-Demon as she prepares to leap from her perch and strike with razor sharp claws and a vicious prehensile tail.. A worthy adversary of the Manhattan Clan, Demona is presented here with a shock of red hair and the pale blue skin of her true form. She is every bit Goliath’s equal, and our Demona Q-Fig perfectly captures the fury and menace of this legendary creature. 

The remarkable Demona Q-Fig stands approximately 5 inches tall from the diorama base to the tip of her bat-like wings. The base itself is meticulously sculpted to resemble the gothic rooftop of the Eyrie Building, which will match perfectly when paired with the Goliath Q-Fig. Beware, though – sparks may fly, and we can’t guarantee that your collection will remain unscathed should they awaken during the night. 

The Rocketeer Q-Fig

You’d pay to see a man fly, wouldn’t you?

When stunt pilot Cliff Secord stumbles upon a futuristic rocket pack developed by millionaire Howard Hughes, he does what we’d all do. He straps it on and goes for the ride of his life! Throw in a shiny new helmet to conceal his identity, and Cliff becomes America’s secret weapon in the fight against loathsome Nazis. Keep an eye on the skies and watch for our newest Disney Q-Fig Elite, The Rocketeer by QMx. 

Based on the classic Disney action movie The Rocketeer, the Rocketeer Q-Fig Elite captures our mysterious hero just as he blasts off to save the day. Leaving a trail of flame and smoke behind as he roars into the air, The Rocketeer will defend America and her allies against the Nazi threat with grit and – you guessed it – a rocket pack. Clad in his signature helmet and leather flight jacket, we’ve spared no details in recreating the iconic look of this mid-century hero. You’ll practically feel the heat as The Rocketeer lifts off your shelves and onto yet another amazing adventure. 

The Rocketeer Q-Fig Elite stands approximately 5 inches tall from the fiery diorama display base to the top of the American flag billowing behind our hero. Your memories of Disney’s The Rocketeer will come rushing back as Cliff Secord barnstorms across the sky and into your collection.

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