Bandai Presents Sailor Moon Eternal Proplica Moon Kaleido Scope

As a fan of Sailor Moon for 23 years, I still can’t believe some of the beautiful Proplica items that Bandai is releasing. I’m not even kidding, I was happy making magic wands out of painted sporks for the longest time as a teenager. Like and subscribe if you think I’m kidding. Today, Sailor Moon fans are treated to an endless (albeit expensive) never-ending tidal pool of beautiful things (except for Sailor Stars, no love there, commence eyes bawling, endless tears). This new Kaleido Moon Scope is inspired by the new Sailor Moon Eternal movie, which is inspired by the original manga, which is likely (proof needed, feel free to correct me) one of the first Sailor Moon Proplica toys to contain voice recordings of non-classic 90s Sailor Moon actresses.

What are your thoughts about the blue and white? It’s definitely classy– the original pink looked like such a toy. I always thought the Kalaido Scope was one of the more clownish, outlandish looking wands (works with the circus theme of SuperS) so whatever they want to do with it is fine with me. Preorder today, you know these suckers always shoot up in cost!

Official Description via BigBadToyStore:

The Moon Kaleido Scope, as seen in the film “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal,” joins the PROPLICA series! Proplica craftsmanship and attention to detail makes this a must-have for fans of the series; opening wings and multicolor LED illuminations are accentuated with actual music and voice samples from the anime! In addition, the voice of Super Sailor Chibi Moon is also recorded as a secret mode!

The Sailor Moon Eternal Proplica Moon Kaleido Scope costs $179.99, ships August 2021, and is available for preorder today.

Product Features

  • 20.87 inches (53cm)
  • Made of ABS
  • From Sailor Moon Eternal
  • Features multi-color LED light features and original voice and sound effects
  • Includes stand
  • Requires 3 LR44 batteries (not inlcuded)

Box Contents

  • Moon Kaleido Scope replica
  • Display Stand
  • Instruction manual

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